ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF CIGARETTE TRICKS by Keith Clark (Published by Louis Tannen, New York. Available from Fleming Book Co., at a price of 52/-.

This is the second edition of an exhaustive treatise originally published some fifteen years ago.

Well bound and with attractive stiff covers it contains some 304 pages.

To this edition the author has added a feature that was missing from the first edition, namely the matter of the cigarette routine proper.

One thinks quite rightly that Mr. Clark has taken the first fifteen pages of his work to deal with the cigarette itself (as regards history, etc.) and the growth of the cigarette act. This not only makes an excellent introduction to the book but it also adds to the would be student's knowledge.

The chapters in the book cover the following sleight phases:—

1. The principles of cigarette manipulation.

2. Throwing.

3. Vanishes.

4. Special vanishes and transformations.

5. Sleeving.

6. Vanish flourishes.

7. Secret transfers.

8. Tonguing and mouth sleights.

9. Productions, reproductions and multiplications.

10. Loads.

11. Steals.

12. Production acts.

13. Presentations and routines.

There is a great thoroughness in the description, a thoroughness which, had the author not made use of abbreviations for many of the sleights would have added at a rough guess another hundred pages to the book.

To the beginner thinking of introducing a cigarette routine into his act, this book will be a teacher and father to him for every description in text is aided by a great number of photographs. The student of magic will have a gap missing on his bookshelf if he omits to obtain a copy whilst the practical worker has at a glance alternative methods in abundance. This all goes to show that the book is indispensable.

Our friend Bruce Elliott has made a fine job of the editing, the only noticeable " blurb " being the note that Zirka appeared at the Casino de Paris in 1915.


(Published by the Fleming Book Co.), price 30/-.

Sometimes I think that it is only when one picks up a bound volume of a worthwhile magazine that one realizes what a fine book has been presented over the course of the period of that volume. This is a recurring thought when ever the Fleming Book Co. give us one of these very fine volumes.

This, the eighth keeps step in quality with the preceding seven, quality not only of magic but of printing and binding.

In the 132 pages we are given an incredible number of very fine feats and although as is usuaL with all contemporary publications there is a preponderance of card magic, tricks with handkerchiefs, coins, thimbles, matches, slates and the mind are all to be found.

To attempt to pick out the best effect in such a compilation is not easily possible, but the two-things that appealed to us were Mario's " Grab it" and Scarne's new top change.

Throughout the volume Clayton Rawson and Milbourne Christopher are responsible for some fine magic with touches of novelty. In fact from the Christopher columns alone there is material for at least a couple of novel magical programmes.

The maestro himself, Jean Hugard as usual takes a number of classical effects and adds just that little extra that makes for a great presentation,, whilst Frank Joglar with no malice recites the tittle tattle of the magic world under the heading of " Backstage."

Every so often Jean awards a Hu-gardenia for merit either in performance or service to magic and in this particular volume it is very pleasing to see that the first one goes to our compatriot Geoffrey Buckingham as a mark of esteem for the outstanding lecture that he gave at the first combined SAM-IBM Convention in 1950.

We may be chided for not mentioning the names of more contributors but the standard throughout is so high and 'the ranking of thie contributors so good that this is hardly called for. If you have been foolish enough to have missed taking this fine magazine in the past, start catching^ up by getting this fine volume at a bargain price.

THE PUPPET MASTER, The Journal of the British Puppet and Model Theatre Guild, October 1952, price 3/-.

The study of puppetry and the model theatre is a most fascinating one, and it is therefore only to be expected that a magazine of a society representing these interests should be fascinating reading and it was certainly news to us that Papa. Haydn wrote five puppet operas.

The magazine is finely produced, and Fred Barlow as editor has certainly performed a very good job of work.

The death of John Warren was not unexpected. To the present generation, he was little known apart from his work for the C.A.A. but in his time he had done many things. Before the First World War he was a regular performer at Maskelyne's, in most cases presenting one of the many novelties that were then being presented to the public. At one time he took out quite a large show on the road, but with the finish of World War 1, he adapted himself to the trend of that time and presented a smaller type of act. Calling himself the " Silent Conjurer " he kept up an incessant flow of patter during the whole of his act, which in the main consisted of a handkerchief production a la Stilwell followed by a version of the Dyeing Silks. As the white silks were pushed through a dye tube, the orchestra played the theme of a well known melody that linked up with colour. They emerged dyed with the colour indicated by the music. About a dozen silks were used all told. His other standby was the watch that vanished and appeared in a chosen tobacco box. He was a slow worker and whether he performed for children or adults he seldom varied his programme. We remember seeing him give a children's show on one occasion when with the addition of the torn and restored card in cigarette to the two previously mentioned items lasted forty five minutes, and believe it or not he held his audience all the time. He added one little literary effort to the bookshelf. It is called " Where the Leather Comes from."

By courtesy of our friend, Victor Farelli, we reproduce the amusing label sketch that Marcel Laueau (" Erik ") has drawn.

^Jo/jn J^amsays Jpecial |

JLitixe Beans

JLitixe Beans

From our good friend Hans Trixer we receive news that he is now well established in Southern Rhodesia. Clippings to hand tell us that he is well lined up for a prediction of the National Lottery Winners. The prediction is to be opeiied on December 18th. The best of luck, Hans for a spectacular payoff!

Congratulations to Will Dexter on winning the annual award of Nottingham Guild of Magicians. With a fast moving act not usually associated with one whose forte is mentalism, he had a runaway win.

From Jack Avis, who gave us that delightful version of the " linked ropes," we are promised a very fine coin effect Alex Elmsley tells us that he has not forgotten two brain busters with a 26th card location basis.

The Magic Circle Telecasts are fixed for the 1st and 2nd of January, 1953. The occasions will mark the opening of the new club-room extension. The line-up for the evening show as we write is Gus Davenport, Fred Castle, Brian McCarthy and ourself. There is a possibility of Jean Poisson appearing as well.

Last month we overlooked mention of the Magic Circle Occult Committee dinner which was held at the Escargot Bienvenu Restaurant. A most pleasant occasion and we give full marks to our friend Jack Salvin who was responsible for the arrangements.

We take this opportunity of wishing readers, contributors, fellow editors, in fact every one a very, very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

ME NT A LISTS ! MAGICIANS! This is what you hava bean looking for




"---But how does mindreading work ?" How many times have you been asked this question by members of your audience or by others who have heard of your capabilities ? Are you able to give them a convincing answer, or do you just stall them off with a few hackneyed remarks about' thought waves ' and' concentration' and leave it at that ?

" THE UNIVERSAL MIND " fills a long-felt want by giving you an extremely logical and convincing explanation as to how ' mindreading' is possible, coupled with two effects to illustrate the theory. And what effects!

Firstly : a spectator writes down a letter of the alphabet, a diagram and a number. These you reveal. THERE ARE NO FORCES, NO IMPRESSIONS, NO SWITCHES, NO WINDOW ENVELOPES OR SIMILAR DEVICES.

Secondly : a spectator writes down anything he wishes on a piece of paper. This can be a short sentence, a line of poetry, several place names—ANYTHING AT ALL ! He folds this paper, seals it with a stamp-paper and signs it on the outside. This folded, sealed and initialled paper is placed IN FULL VIEW, in a prominent position. THERE ARE POSITIVELY NO SWITCHES, NO FORCES, NO IMPRESSIONS OR GIMMICKS OF ANY KIND. The folded paper is NEVER at any time out of the spectator's sight. It can even be burned if so desired. And yet, WITHOUT ASKING ANY QUESTIONS you reveal what has been written ! Take our word for it, this is the most genuine and seemingly impossible sealed message reading method to date.

Only a sheet of paper and a pencil are needed for both effects. There are no fakes or gimmicks. There is nothing more to make or buy.

"THE UNIVERSAL MIND" can be performed impromptu, under any conditions, to a small group of people, to a single person, or to a larger audience. To anyone performing mental effects this is a MUST !

" THE UNIVERSAL MIND " comes to you in a neatly printed, fully illustrated booklet in stiff board covers.






Although limited in output, has now travelled to Ireland, Finland, Belgium, France, Africa, Australia and United States and Sweden.

" Have been using your 'Miracle Slate' for over a month now and I must say it's wonderful the impossible made possible. It's the answer to a mental problem I have worked upon for years." . . .

Post Free, from

PETER WARLOCK 24, Wordsworth Road, Wallington, Surrey



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Manuscripts for publication and books for review should be sent to the:


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Vice-President: Douglas Craggs, Esq., M.I.M.C.

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King George's Hall, W.C.

Particulars from Hon. Secretary : Francis White, 39 Alverstone Avenue, Wimbledon Park, S.W.19


will be pleased to send you full details of


together with all his other effects in return for a stamp. Write now to

Jack Hughes, 2, Evelyn Ave., Colindale, London, N.W.9.


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"fr Every Advertiser*» goods are fully endorsed by this Bulletin ^

"fr Every Advertiser*» goods are fully endorsed by this Bulletin ^

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