Published by Louis Tannen, New York, price two dollars.

We have yet to lose our youthful enthusiasm for magical catalogues, and the one recently received from that well-known American dealer, Lou Tannen, is enough to wet the most jejune appetite. Quite rightly the producer compares its contents to those of Aladdin's Cave, and with such an easy ' Open Sesame' the means of exploration are simple. To my fellow countrymen their are many enticements, which because of Exchange Control regulations are beyond our reach.

The contents cover every phase of magic from the smallest pocket trick to the largest illusion. It is finely printed and illustrated and there are in all some 560 pages. Particularly interesting to readers of the ' Magic Wand' publications is a section dealing with "Tricks of the Trade," which was originally published by George Armstrong in the " Magic Wan Yearbook " and is now reprinted here by his permission.

This is a two dollarsworth that will possibly give many more entertainment than plenty of books costing double that amount of money.

ANNEMANN'S MENTAL BARGAIN EFFECTS. Published by George Armstrong, price 7s. 6d. net.

This is an English reprint of an excellent booklet of mental effects by the late Annemann. In all there are some eleven items, and no doubt most readers of this bulletin have a copy of the original. If they have not we recommend the purchase of the present copy for they will receive so much for so little.

JOHN HOWIE'S ROUTINES WITH THE JARDINE ELLIS RING. Published by George Armstrong, price 12s. 6d. net.

It was when I received a copy of this beautifully produced booklet that I realised what value had been given to our readers when the contents appeared in serial form. Page sizes are 11 in. by 8 in. and in all there are some 43 diagrams illustrating the various moves and accessories. For those interested in 4 Ring' magic, and who isn't, this is a must.


Hardy Ivamy, L1.B., Ph.D. Published by Stevens and Sons Ltd., London, price 25s.

Few artistes are catholic minded, their main effort going into their work. The result too often is that in matters of business they are like children. In particular their knowledge of the laws relating to show business is, despite their everyday dealing with contracts of one kind or another, slight. The exception arises when the legal interpretation is enforced.

In this well written book of some one hundred and ninety pages, the author, has collected and collated, the many interpretations of the law in its relation with the many phases of show business. Every type of contract is dealt with, stage, music hall, circus, TV, film and radio together with the minimum rates of pay for employment. There is a section of the book which deals with licensing, whilst another concerns itself with Sunday entertainments.

Of particular importance is a chapter which sets out the relationship between management, audience and third parties. As will be fully realised the matter of copyright and its infringment has not been omitted.

To a professional artiste this book is a necessity. It forms interesting reading and most detailed index shows that the contents cover any question that a contracting artiste would wish to ask. Case Law is fully quoted and to complete the volume a table of the statutes covering the whole of show business is given.

To those who are professional, to those who intend to become professional and to those whose business it is to dabble in entertainment we recommend a copy of this very worthwhile book.

programme under the direction of our good friend David Nixon. Let us hope that with only magicians in the show some attempt will be made to keep the hands of the performers in view or, for that matter, anything which for reasons of effect should not leave the picture.

With a bit of luck the publication of this number and the Southport Convention may synchronise. Once again Bill Stickland has brought from Overseas three acts that will be new to I.B.Mers, Septembre, Arland and le Bas. Whilst we have seen the artistic work of the first two named, the Irish boy will be new to us too.


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