" Identity Parade," by Will Dexter (Published by Magic Wand Publishing Co. Enfield, price 7/6).

Mental routines that are capable of mystical and laughable entertainment are very few, and Will Dexter is to be congratulated on evolving from a " crime in the audience" type of theme, something that never lags. There are some very subtle twists described and it should prove a popular number with all those conjurers who desire the extra mental item for their act.

"Magic Simplified" by Harry Baron fPuh lished by Nicholas Kaye, price 8/6 net.).

From Nicholas Kaye, who you may remember published the English edition of Walter Gibson's book, " Professional Magic for Amateurs," comes a copy of Harry Baron's " Magic Simplified." This is a bookstall publication designed to show how simple it is to become a magician, or rather how simple it is to learn to perform a number of conjuring tricks. Because the writer is concerned with the latter phase, it never seems to me that the exposure of mere secrets can ever do any harm. At the same time, there seems a tendency with such books to use more and more material forming part of the conjurer's repertory that could well be left alone. In the present book we notice, Tan Hock Chuan's " Porous Glass," and knowing Tan Hock Chuan we should be surprised if he gave permission for its reproduction in a book intended for the general public.

The book which contains some hundred odd pages, is clearly written and illustrated. The different sections of tricks covered are. Cards, Close-up, Mental, Miscellaneous and Illusions. There is a chapter on showmanship and presentation and also a glossary and bibliography. The explanations are very clear and there should be little difficulty in the reader grasping the principles involved after a first reading. At the small price of 8/6 the secrets alone are excellent value.


This is the ideal routine for the intimate show, for it is designed to get LAUGHS as well as to completely baffle the audience.

Half-a-dozen assistants are invited to select one of their number as the SUSPECT, and this is done by dealing a well shuffled pack of cards. The man who gets the ace of spades is the SUSPECT, but he DOES NOT REVEAL THIS to you or the other assistants, for the cards are dealt face down. Each man then marks his thumb-print on a slip of paper—one print at each end. They then tear their slips in half, keep one half and place the others in a heap on the table. Now the VICTIM is selected from the audience and the audience decide upon the CRIME. The VICTIM is taken to each member of the IDENTIFICATION PARADE in turn and, WITHOUT FAIL, he IDENTIFIES THE SUSPECT—WITHOUT KNOWING QUITE HOW HE DOES IT. As a check the victim selects one of the thumb-prints from the pile on the table, and this MATCHES the print of the suspect he has identified. The suspect is asked to show his cards, and sure enough he holds the ACE OF SPADES.

This routine comes to you in a neatly printed and illustrated book, with full presentation and patter leads so that you can get every ounce of mystery and comedy out of this unusual routine. The only requirements—a pack of cards, pad of paper, and a constable's arm-band and convict hat (which you can make out of paper).

REMEMBER—The Spectator Does All The Work—Without Knowing " How."

Also included is a NEW PRINCIPLE in Mentalism that can be used in many more effects.

PRICE 7/6 Postage 3d. (1 Dollar)


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