Black And White

MANY years ago, that very good friend of mine Eddie Joseph marketed an effect called " Red and Blue." (This can still be obtained from the dealers.) Whilst not wishing to reveal the method used in that version, the following is a method used to make the effect even more brain busting. With the outfit, the faked disc has an additional preparation. On one side it is covered with black " It's a Pip " liquid this allowing to be shown most carefully at certain stages of the effect. It allows for a very cunning change, for instead of placing it in the hand when a change of colour is required, it is placed within the fold of a handkerchief. As the thumb and finger of the right hand go to place it under this cover, with a rotary movement they remove the black covering allowing a subsequent revealment in which you achieve a very miraculous change from one colour to another.

When treated at the beginning the fake disc can be safely handled by members of the audience who have no chance of accidentally removing any of the " It's a Pip " liquid owing to the fact that the disc is recessed.

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