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The following list of references, arranged in chronological order, is believed, at the time of writing, to be a complete one.

Reference I—THE ROD AND RING from "A Few Jardine Ellis' Secrets"—George Johnson, (p. 10).

Published by George Johnson, London, 1925.

This booklet of Ellis' secrets includes a description of the removal of the ring from a stick followed by the passing of the ring onto the stick. Only the basic secret and fundamental moves are given and the author acknowledges that he had only seen the effect " from the front."

The only example known to this writer of a dealer's instructions for the Ellis ring trick appears to have been based on the above description.

Reference 2—THE JARDINE ELLIS RING — B. A. Millidge. The " Magic Wand," vol. xxvii, No. 179

A subtle handling of the shell permitting a clean cut penetration of a length of ribbon is described.

This effect was reprinted under the title Bertram Millidge's Jardine Ellis Routine in Peter Warlock's "Pentagram," Vol. 6, No. 11, p. 85 (August, 1952).

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