Beyond Belief



TWO packs with contrasting coloured backs are shuffled and one each is given to two spectators. They place them behind their backs and simultaneously they reverse one card in the centre. The packs are brought forward and on spreading the packs face-down on the table it is seen that the face up cards are identical. Theni as a surprise climax, the cards are turned over and it is found that in addition the cards have changed packs.


Similar cards are removed from both packs and placed face-up in the pack of opposite colour, second from bottom. Working:

Have two spectators come forward and have them stand one on either side of you, quite close. Pick up each of the packs in turn and false shuffle. Pick up one pack in each hand and extending both arms have both spectators cut off half the pack; and replace the cut. This move places the "force " cards in the centre of the pack. Bring both hands in front of the body, but at no time must the packs be brought together.

Extend the arms again, but this time behind the backs of the two helpers. Have them take the pack in their own hands as you remind them that as they have cut the pack you do not know the cards at the top of the pack. Whilst you are; talking, you have reversed the top pack of both packs. This is an easy move accomplished by pushing forward with the thumb, and then pushing up and over with the fingers.

Ask them to take the top card and turn it face up (due to your unknown manoeuvre they are now turning the top card face-down again) and insert it, still face-up (as they think) into the centre of the pack.

Whilst you are telling them what to do you have stepped forward so that you have no chance of seeing the cards they turn face-up. When they have finished take one of the packs and spread it face down on the table. Show the hands empty before taking the other pack and doing likewise. Work up to the climax, and then the double climax.

" Our ideals are framed, not according to the measure of our performances, but according to the measure of our thoughts." A. J. Balfour—" The Foundations of Belief "

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