THE OLD masking principle of a piece of paper stuck over the mouth of a tumbler so that when a flat object is placed upon a piece of matching paper or felt and covered with the inverted tumbler, the object appears to have vanished, is something that has appeared in many a boy's box of tricks.

It is an excellent principle nevertheless and in giving it gome careful thought I am going to describe three effects making use of this principle. Instead of the usual tumbler I use a fairly heavy chromed ring one and a half inches in diameter. It has a nice feel and its weight makes it a useful accessary in other ring tricks. I have quite a number of these rings by me and shall be pleased to supply any reader who cares to send along sixpence to cover postage.


A small mat of bold design is displayed and placed on the table. At its centre a sixpence is placed and over it is placed a ring on top of which rests a square of cardboard. To dispel any suspicion that anything has happened to the sixpence the performer removes the piece of card from the ring. " Watch very carefully," he says, and removing the sixpence, he replaces the card on top of the ring. The coin is now vanished and upon lifting the card it is seen to have returned to its original resting place on the mat, inside the ring.

The working is straightforward. At the commencement of the effect, the mat lies on the table near the front edge. The ring which has a piece of matching material affixed to it as shown

in the illustration is placed to the performer's right. On top of the matching paper a sixpence is placed and then on top of the ring is placed a piece of cardboard one and a half inches square.

After showing the mat the performer places it down immediately in front of him and then taking a sixpence from his pocket he places it at the centre of the mat. The card and ring are then lifted as one and placed over the sixpence. Affecting to notice that one of the company is suspicious that something has already happened to the sixpence, the performer removes the piece of card. Owing to the matching paper which now covers the original coin there appears to be no change in the situation. Actually, however, one coin is above, and one under, the matching paper. The sixpence on top is removed and placed on the table, the piece of cardboard being taken by the fingertips and rested once more on the ring. Vanish the coin either by sleeving or aquitment and then lift the card and ring together and show that the sixpence has found its way home.


In this the mat you are using should be covered with several thicknesses of white tissue paper, whilst the matching paper stuck to the underside of the ring should be white flashpaper.

At the commencement the ring is to the right covered with the small piece of cardboard. A sixpence is placed on the mat and then ring and card are placed over it. With the uttering of a magic spell the card is removed showing that the coin has apparently vanished. Actually, of course, it is covered with matching flashpaper. From the pocket the performer now takes a small piece of flashpaper which has been crumpled into a ball. He places it on the paper in the centre of the ring. Taking a lighted cigarette he touches off the ball of paper with it. There is a flash of flame and right in the centre of the ring appears the sixpence and everything is left ready for examination.


In this effect the piece of matching paper attached to the ring is shaped in crescent form. The accompanying illustration gives an idea of this.



With the mat in front of you and the faked ring with the square of card on top on your right, place a sixpence on the mat and cover it with both ring and card. A removal of the card reveals the actual sixpence because of the cut out in the disc of paper. Now by replacing the card and moving the ring forward with a lifting action the coin is hidden under the crescent of paper. A reversal of the process will cause the coin to appear.

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