Astral Coin


Effect :

QN AN outspread handkerchief a borrowed shilling is placed near one corner, and two cards are placed on it so that it is covered from view. A jade bangle or ring, about two inches in diameter, is then placed on top of the cards. The upper card is then taken by one corner and moved to the opposite corner of the handkerchief, the ring being kept in place by the unoccupied hand. Pattering to the effect that the bangle has the power of withdrawing the astral form of the coin, the ring is taken up and placed on the card just moved away. Saying that this results in the disintegration of the coin, the card apparently covering the coin is removed and the coin is no longer there. When the other card is lifted up, the coin is seen to be under it, having been drawn there by the magical power of the ring somehow !

Method :

One of the two cards used is faked with a "tongue" cut from a duplicate card, glued at the edge, and with a blob of wax as shown in the diagram. The other card is placed below the prepared card so that the " tongue " is on its face. Have cards face down. With a ring of some sort and a handkerchief you are ready to perform.

Borrow a small coin which could be marked, and place it near one corner of the spread-out handerchief. The cards could be shown quite freely if the thumb is kept over the " tongue " of the prepared one. (Cards may even be separated and replaced). Place cards over coin so that the waxed tip of "tongue" goes directly over it, and secretly press on the coin so that it sticks to the "tongue." Introduce the ring with appropriate patter and put it on the two cards. With the right hand, just catch hold of the top card by the tip of the lower right corner

and, keeping the ring in place with a finger of the left hand, move the card to the opposite corner of the handkerchief, thus moving the borrowed coin secretly away. Now taking up the ring a few inches up and replacing it, repeating this a few times, make the remarks that the ring is drawing out the astral form of the coin. Then remove the ring and place it on the other card. Patter further that the removal of the astral form has resulted in the disintegration of the coin and turn over the card to show that the coin is no more under it. Now point to the other card with the ring and, saying that the

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(20 CENTS)


OMETIME in 1919 I hit upon an idea for vanishing a coin from an envelope by having a perpendicular slit in the fold at the right hand bottom corner; as the flap is licked preparatory to sealing it down, a slight tilt permits a coin placed in the envelope to roll into the finger palm. George Johnson thought well of the idea and illustrated it in The Magic Wand of that period. I have used it on and off ever since and can recommend it as a perfect vanish.

I had always wanted to elaborate on the idea, and succeeded in making a trick from it ■quite a number of years ago. Just recently at a gathering of conjurers I happened to show it. As I had to make some contribution to the magical stock-pile, I did so with considerable diffidence, as up to that moment 1 had been quite bewildered by a multitude of seemingly impossible problems, most of which left me without a clue. I was even more bewildered to find that this simple little trick was at once acclaimed as being really worth while. Now if you are still interested, read on.

Misdirection is a strong point here. 1 may mention that experience has taught me that it is better to have the slit in the envelope horizontal at the corner of the bottom fold.

The items required are : an orange, with a suitable slit to easily take a half-crown, a ten shilling note, a tumbler, and of course, the faked envelope. The orange can be anywhere; I keep mine in the hip pocket. I find this pocket grips the fruit better and keeps the slit in a fixed position.

You ask for the loan of the coin, having a duplicate finger palmed in the right hand. Ask the lender to note the date. Hold the coin visibly in the fingers and ask for the loan of a ten shilling note, while this is being sought, pick up the tumbler in the left hand and apparently drop the coin into it. Even if you are not too good at this switch, the business of waiting for the note will distract from any suspicion of the exchange.

The position at this stage will be : duplicate coin in tumbler, borrowed coin in finger palm.

The note will by now be forthcoming, the number duly noted; this is pushed into the tumbler on top of the coin. The right hand now goes quite openly to the hip pocket, pushes the palmed coin into the slit, brings forth the orange which is impaled on a table knife and given to someone to hold.

The note and coin are withdrawn from the tumbler, the coin wrapped in the note using the coin fold (Modern Conjurer) tapped against the tumbler to prove its continued presence there. The wrapped coin is now placed in the envelope, with the slit corresponding to the open end of the folded note. It is hardly necessary to detail what follows. The flap of the envelope is licked, what time the envelope is slightly tilted, the coin rolls freely like a charm into the fingers, the sealing is completed, envelope placed in a position of visibility.

I think I can stop here, the work of the performer is complete, the actor now takes control and makes the disclosure as he deems best. Just one little point, there is a peculiar niceness growing up among conjurers which appears to cause them to be afraid to lick the flap of an envelope, this is just silly, there is no mechanical device in common use for this purpose, and its perfectly correct to use your tongue.


From the James B. Findlay Collection


" ' * "The Paiact o? Eífi-tricity," iSSÍSmlStíSí,


" ' * "The Paiact o? Eífi-tricity," iSSÍSmlStíSí,

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