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THIS COLLECTION comprises some of the choicest Annemann Secrets, now collected together and printed in one volume. INSTO-TRANSPO—Without sleights two initialled cards change places between the performer's and spectator's pockets. STOP—A freely selected card, lost in the pack, is found at a number thought of. THE POUND NOTE AND THE CIGARETTE CHALLENGE—Marked cigarettee in performer's mouth, number of a note written down by spectator—note openly burned—and then found in the cigarette—the best ever routine for this effect. IMPROVED REMOTE CONTROL—With red and blue packs the performer proves he can control another person by making them pick any card he chooses, while at a distance. MENTAL MONEY—Three pound notes borrowed and folded tight, one is chosen, the performer reveals its number. NUMBER PLEASE—A Telephone Book Test in which the performer reveals both name and number. SENSITIVE THOUGHTS—A sensational card trick, with two packs and two spectators. THE CARD DOCTOR—Spectator selects card which is initialled, corner torn from card, then initialled card torn into pieces, pieces vanish and card is found back in the pack, minus its corner. SLATES AND ACES—Performer and spectator write names of the aces on two slates, spectator rubs out three on his, the spirits' rub out the same three aces from the performer's late. POKER PLUS—Performer deals three face down hands of Poker. Second hand shown to beat performer's. Then performer's hand shown again, and it beats the second. Third hand shown to beat performer's. Then performer's shown again, and it beats the third. Terrific effect! THOUGHT IN PERSON—A most unusual card routine. A MENTAL HEADACHE—Another typical Annemann card routine with a mental twist. And, of course, a full description of a most useful GIMMICK.


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QN OCTOBER, 1956, The Edinburgh Magic Circle held a week-end of magic to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its formation. I was honoured in being asked to give one of the lectures and when, during the week-end, I suggested a special number of the " Pentagram" comprising items contributed by members of the E.M.C., such items were freely offered.

About the contributors—all are noted for their original ideas. Roy Scott is the present Secretary of the Circle, having previously held most of the offices therein including that of Presi dent. Charles Cameron is the present Vice-President, while Harry Burnside, a former Secretary and President, is the Hon. Treasurer. Leslie May is well-known, particularly for his work ia the field of mental magic—during the above-mentioned week-end he gave an excellent talk on Annemann—the Enigma.

I am grateful to the above for their generosity —with their permission I have added notes to some of the items.

John Howie.



1HAVE always believed that it is better to have a reputation than to have publicity. In ' The Substitute' it is possible to gain both. You not only perform a nice piece of magic, but leave behind the means to have it discussed in your absence.

When you are asked to perform at a house-party, ask your host to provide a brand new pack of cards and to keep them in the sealed wrappings until you arrive. Ask for the pack as soon as you are on and do this as your first card trick. You must stress that, whilst bought on your instigation, the pack has not yet been handled by you. Break the seals, remove the jokers, etc., and lay them aside. Ask the spectator to look for the ten of spades and to note its position from the top of the pack. In doing so the spectator deals the cards face-up on the table but fails to find the ten of spades. In counting to note the position of the missing card he also discovers that there are only 51 cards.

You reach into your pocket and remove a sealed envelope. You remark that you knew that the ten of spades would be missing and, so that you could carry on, have taken steps to make good the omission. Ask the spectator to open the envelope. Inside he finds a ten of spades with the same back design but, across the face are typed the words'. " This card has been substituted by ..." and signed in ink. This card is now added to the pack which, being complete, is ready for your other effects.

Notice how the typing precludes the theory that it is the card from the pack and the signature in ink disposes of any ideas regarding a rubber stamp.

The beauty of the routine lies in leaving a complete pack with your host. He will use it whenever he plays whist, bridge—or pontoon. His guests, on receiving a marked card in their hands, are bound to enquire the reason. The answer cannot fail to give credit to you. Your reputation is being built up in your absence.

In case you are wondering how it is done here is my method. When you first ask your host to purchase a pack suggest (don't insist) a store

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