Annemanns Incorporated Strange Secrets



THIS COLLECTION comprises some of the choicest Annemann Secrets, now collected together and printed in one volume.

INSTO-TRANSPO—Without sleights two initialled cards change places between the performer's and spectator's pockets. STOP—A freely selected card, lost in the pack, is found at a number thought of. THE POUND NOTE AND THE CIGARETTE CHALLENGE—Marked cigarettee in performer's mouth, number of a note written down by spectator—note openly burned—and then found in the cigarette—the best ever routine for this effect. IMPROVED REMOTE CONTROL—With red and blue packs the performer proves he can control another person by making them pick any card he chooses, while at a distance. MENTAL MONEY—Three pound notes borrowed and folded tight, one is chosen, the performer reveals its number. NUMBER PLEASE—A Telephone Book Test in which the performer reveals both name and number. SENSITIVE THOUGHTS—A sensational card trick, with two packs and two spectators. THE CARD DOCTOR—Spectator selects card which is initialled, corner torn from card, then initialled card torn into pieces, pieces vanish and card is found back in the pack, minus its comer. SLATES AND ACES—Performer and spectator write names of the aces on two slates, spectator rubs out three on his, the spirits' rub cut the same three aces from the performer's late. POKER PLUS—Performer deals three face down hands of Poker. Second hand shown to beat performer's. Then performer's hand shown again, and it beats the second. Third hand shown to beat performer's. Then performer's shown again, and it beats the third. Terrific effect! THOUGHT IN PERSON—A most unusual card routine. A MENTAL HEADACHE—Another typical Annemann card routine with a mental twist. And, of course, a full description of a most useful GIMMICK.

as usual—a finely printed book

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The Magic Circle

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Particulars from Hon. Secretary :

Peter Newcombe 38 Overdale Avenue New Maiden, Surrey



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Peter Warlock, 24, Wordsworth Rd., Wallington, Surrey.


will be pleased to send you full detail» of


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Jack Hughes, 2, Evelyn Ave., Colindale, London, N.W.9.

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IN THE February issue of " Pentagram " I described to you my version of the coin through ring effect called " The Big Squeeze " and I promised to give you an original twist on this routine by my friend Eric De La Mare; first of all let me tell you how this idea was conceived. After performing my version for some time I showed it to Eric, who shares with me a love of coin magic, and jokingly he said that he was too poor to perform the effect with a nesting set of coins; he then reached into his pocket, took a handful of ordinary coins, a handkerchief and a ring and worked out what he called the pauper's method of " The Big Squeeze." He agreed that it would be fitting for this second version to be published immediately after the first and so, on Eric's behalf I describe to you his method.

No fake coins are required, just a silver and a copper coin, a match box with a rubber band, a handkerchief and, of course, a finger ring. The match-box with the rubber band around the outer shell is set as described in the first version and placed in the left trousers pocket. The two coins are picked up from the table and shown, held between the finger and thumb of the left hand as in Fig. 1. The handkerchief is picked up in the position as this is done. With the right hand you grasp the remaining coin through the material and the handkerchief is pulled forward away from the left hand and then laid on the left palm so that the single coin in the handkerchief lies directly over the other coin palmed in the fingers—Fig. 2.

The two coins are then picked up as one and held in front of you as you state—two coins in the handkerchief. As this movement is made you turn both coins over so that the rear coin is covered by a fold of the material—Fig. 3. The finger

right hand and thrown over the left hand allowing the lower coin to drop into the finger palm
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