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straight stipper deck are phenomenal. The sample of cards sent to us, is like the Svengali deck that we had under review last month, typical of the house of Stanyon, an excellent product being precision cut. With the deck comes a printed folder giving the particulars of some forty effects possible with this pack. An excellent buv.

Messrs. Stanyon have also just released a new list of English and American books. If you are in search of that " hard to get " edition, write for a copv.

" MAGIC OF THE FAMOUS," by Stewart James, price five shillings (obtainable from Francis Haxton. " St. Anthony's," Nonsuch Walk, Cheam, Surrey).

In this manuscript, Stewart presents three problems that have as their keynote Edgar Allen Poe, Lewis Carroll and the Saint. The first effect is a card effect in which the names of selected cards are revealed in a piece of verse. The second is a cunning version of a magic square, whilst the third, and in our opinion-the best of the bunch culminates in a prediction that should be remembered.

" BAND IT," by " Hen " Fetsch, Price One Dollar

(published bv the Yogi Magic Mart, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.).

Effects in which elastic bands encircle a pack of cards are not too numerous. This effect is as follows : A card is selected, returned to the pack which is freely cut by a spectator. After being encircled with a number of elastic bands, the performer places it behind his back momentarily. Bringing it forward almost instantlv, the performer shows that the card selected has taken the place of the card that was previously on the face. The effect embraces a couple of principles that will be new to most. The writer gives two other versions and also a method where the selected card escapes from the pack whilst banded. The effects are fully practicable and call for little more than good showmanship to extract the maximum of mystery. In a neatly printed and illustrated book, together with a specimen gimmick, this represents a useful addition to the worker who wants a somewhat different type of card effect.

SAWING A WOMAN IN HALVES—continued from the exception of her feet and it will be enlightening to man)' magicians to learn that she was entitled to wear a pair of jackboots.

Arising out of this revived interest, Stewart has sent me a solution in which the box falls apart before the sawing is completed and this, I think, adds very greatly to the effect.

It was also of further interest to learn that the well-known American magical genius, Winston Freer, also originated a method in which a spectator was used. After the operation, he is restored to normality with the exception of the saw cut remaining visible down the centre of his face. Eventually this disfigurement is caused to disappear.

I sincerely hope that readers of this article ge 37

will have found this information of interest.

P.S.—The contest in " Science and Invention " was run by Dunninger.

CONTAGIOUS LUCK—continued from page 35 a higher card than before ; 250 to 179 that all three have drawn higher cards than before.

Since everyone believes that he had built-in bad luck and is extremely proud of the " fact," those who do not improve under this treatment will be delighted if the performer comments on the stubbornness of their ill-fortune, and will almost always agree if he asks them if they happen to be persistently unlucky.


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