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IN THE November, 1955, issue of Pentagram there was a version of the Blue Intruder by Jack Avis, involving a pleasant turnover switch. It occurred to me to combine this with a presentation idea which I first met in Mario's Cardician, under the title of the " Open Prediction," and which Mario credits to Paul Curry. Here is the result of this distinguished ancestry.

Effect. The performer has a red-backed pack of cards. He takes one blue-backed card, without showing its face, and inserts it into the red pack behind his back. Now he holds the pack face up, and deals cards onto the table, turning them face down as he does so. At any card in the deal a spectator stops him, and this card is dealt face upwards, without showing its back. The rest of the pack is then dealt, and at the conclusion of the deal the back of every card except the spectator's choice has been seen, yet the blue back has not appeared. Sure enough, the card chosen by the spectator turns out to be the blue intruder.

Routine. In addition to the red pack, you need a blue-red double backer. At the beginning of the trick, I prefer to take the double backer from a complete blue pack, and to drop the blue pack into a pocket. Be that as it may, you show the double backer as a blue card, and tell the audience that no-one, not even yourself, is going to see its face, yet, and that you are going to bury it in the red pack behind your back. In fact, behind your back, you turn over the double backer and place it on top of the red pack, red side upwards.

Bring the pack forwards and hold it face up. Begin to deal slowly by taking the face up cards and turning them face down as you deal them onto a table. Explain that you will deal through the pack like this until you find the blue-backed card, but that while you are dealing you want a spectator to call stop at any time.

When you are stopped at a card (suppose it is the nine of diamonds), place it face up on the dealt pile of face down cards without showing its back. Ask the spectator who stopped you to remember this card. Meanwhile, casually turn the undealt packet of cards in your hand face down, so bringing the double backer to the top once more. Continue dealing cards face down onto the pile on the table but now, of course, their faces are not seen. The first card dealt is the double backer, which goes blue side down on downward in the left hand.

When the deal is finished, point out to the audience that they have seen the back of every card in the pack except the chosen card, yet the blue card has not appeared. Now you perform the switch from Jack Avis' New Intruder, the instructions for which I reproduce here altered as necessary. The pack is picked up and held face downwards in the left hand.

Start running the cards fanwise from the left hand into the right. When you reach the face up nine of diamonds, pause and break the pack at that point. The cards above the face up card naturally are taken by the right hand whilst the remainder with the face up card on top are in the left hand. Now because of the previous manoeuvres, the bottom card of the right hand packet will be the double backer. Without any apparent effort, this card is slightly jogged to the left, and the left hand at the same time jogs to the right, to a greater extent, the face up nine of diamonds.

The right hand now moves in and using the right hand fan apparently places the edges of the cards under the jogged nine of diamonds and flips it over. Actually what happens is that the jogged double backer goes under the edge of the nine of diamonds and as the fan is brought across the cards to the left, both cards are turned over as one, the double backer falling, blue side up, on the back of the nine of diamonds. It is in effect a form of Mexican Turnover without the take away of one card. With practice the illusion is perfect.

To conclude the effect, the cards in the right hand are placed under those in the left hand. The double backer, blue side still showing, is removed from the pack and placed in the pocket containing the complete blue pack. The double backer is left in the pocket, and the blue pack is brought out as though the blue intruder had been added to it. You are now clean.

" I enjoyed that mailbag trick especially," she told " But he comes back in spirit form. It's simply unbeliev-us. " My husband can do several things like that." able what he can do now. Did you have to dematerialise " Is your husband a magician ? " I asked politely. yourself to escape from that bag ? " she asked Arthur. " Oh, no, he's dead," was the astonishing answer. _" Memoirs of a Sword Swallower "—Dan Mannix.

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