Pretty Silk Flourish


TWO eighteen-inch or twenty-four-inch silks of contrasting colours are required for this effect. Throw one over the right shoulder and twirl the other ropewise. Execute the tie over wrist knot without letting go of the ends on the left wrist. This is a well-known flourish and should not require description. Now remove the silk from the shoulder and tie a similar knot on the right wrist.

The protruding end of each silk is grasped by the opposite end and each silk is then slid off the hands on to the portion of its mate held by the opposite hand.

The bundle supported by holding the ends in each hand is then thrown in the air in a perpendicular manner and as it descends the lower ends are caught by the right and left hands, i.e. one end in each hand.

The move that follows is a little hard to describe but if the reader follows it with the silks in his hands he should have no difficulty in understanding.

Without pause the two hands are separated and a knotted silk is left in each hand.

Though requiring very little practice this flourish has been productive of much applause, applause far out of proportion the little work entailed.

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