^HIS is the patter and general effect, which may be accomplished with a little practice, all the moves being found in "The Expert at the Card Table".


"Ladies and Gentlemen- On many occasions, after I have been entertaining with a pack of cards, I hear the remark, 'I wouldn't play cards with that fellow at any price'. I suppose it is really intended as a compliment, but as a matter of fact I never play cards under any circumstances. What did you say sir? 'A good thing too!' Perhaps you're right. However, I fear 1 shouldn't get much of a run with all you people, for you all have your suspicions awakened to the fact that I am a conjurer, and it would be impossible to get any advantage with your eyes glued to every move that 1 should be able to make. The eyes have it too. Here's a little thing that may interest you. I shall ask five gentlemen to select one card each, from this pack which you see is being thoroughly shuffled. (1). I want you to imagine for the time being that 1 am in the hands of five card sharps; will you select your cards? (2) Thank you. Just a little question. What yould you term a good certain Nap hand? The ace, king, queen, jack and ten of one suit! Well I daresay an Aberdonian might risk five with that. What card did you select, sir?

The ace of diamonds, and yours? The king of diamonds, and yours? The queen of diamonds, and? The jack of diamonds, also? The ten of diamonds.

"Just to think that I asked you to imagine that I was in the hands of five card sharps! I wonder where the other forty are!

"We'll replace them in the pack and shuffle them again. (3). Will you cut. I shall deal a couple of Nap hands, like this, (4) and remember please that the cards were shuffled and cut; being the dealer I get this hand which contains:—

The ace of diamonds.

The king of diamonds.

The queen of diamonds.

place them on the bottom of the pack, and offer to show how it is done.

False shuffle and false cut, and deal, the 4th hand again being dealt from the bottom. This time show "all hearts" in the fourth hand, then take up the first hand showing it to be all spades, the second hand to be diamonds and the third hand to be clubs, just as the case may be.

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