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To the end attach three small headed drawing pins, this can be done quite effectively with gummed tape.

The matches in the box at the time the effect is carried out will be correspondingly shortened.

Three small Avts. are cut from the Daily Telegraph, one of which is committed to memory, the other two are just noted as regards class: Printer, Tailor, Insurance, Etc. These are rolled up into small balls and impaled on the points of the drawing pins, remembering their order.

When in action, a strip of ten or twelve ads. are cut from the newspaper being used, these are divided up and one each passed to a number of spectators, they are asked to check the ads. for verification later.

The matchbox is now taken from the pocket, and it can quite safely be pushed forward and the matches extracted. Helpers are asked to roll their slips of paper into small balls and drop them into the opened box, which you hold forward for this purpose.

Close box, shake, nip a duplicate from the box-end between the fingers, open box, and appear to withdraw one from the box; immediately hand to someone and suitably disclose what the nature of the advertisement actually is. The last one removed is described in complete detail.

The small holes in the slips are lost in the crumpling process.

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Very few of us need to be told that a card dropped horizontally will not turn over in its fall to the floor.

To get a face down card to land face up is almost as easy, when you get the knack, and it requires no string of adjectives by either reader or writer.

To my mind, there can be no certainty in a casual flutter down if the card turns and twists at random, and I have found the single turn-over the easiest to control.

The directions are for a right-handed performer, with the pack in the left hand in the usual dealing position.

For the standing position I will assume that the card is held at waist height, say forty inches from the floor. Other heights may need slight d!

angle adjustments. Take the unindexed corner of the card between right first finger and thumb (thumb on top) and allow the opposite diagonal corner (furthest from the body) to dip to an angle of say 35 to 40 degrees. Then release the hold by both digits simultaneously. The direction of drop at the time of release is shown in Figure 1, and the card glides down as in Figure 2. The action depicted shows that the angle of drop has the effect cf forcing the leading edge of the card up and over as it nears the floor, enabling the face down card to land face up. It's as simple as that. Of course, the technical explanation (as if I knew) might make it sound much more complicated.

It can also be done in a sitting position, but the action is rather different. The hold is the same as before; thumb on top and card parallel with floor, but, say, twenty inches above the floor Hold the finger, which is under the card, perfectly still, and just lift the thumb. The finger acts as the fulcrum, and the turn-over commences even before the card is released, and is completed in the remainder of the fall to the floor (Figure 3).

The position of the finger is rather important, and is illustrated in Figure 4. A trial will soon find how quickly the thumb must be lifted. I

have found the turn over card from the sitting position the simpler proposition to master.

How to use the turn-over drop?

The usual card is chosen, returned and controlled to the top (run and jog shuffle will do); a straight forward deal on to the floor and the chosen card alone turns face up. There is no need to know the card.

In reverse; a force or peek, and have every card turn face up, except the one selected. This gives a little scope for suspense and climax.

Bottom or second dealers will be able to deal " any number " face up.

Mentalists may like to predict that, " The card you choose, the blank of darts, will fall face up whilst all others will fall face down." Or " Phychic influence will cause your card," etc., etc.

Four Ace Trick—All aces face up, or face down.

A face-upper can be dealt down and " lost."

The shy card, a queen, hides her face.

A joker won't face up to things.

Two packs—but why continue? You can find uses as well, if not better, than I can.

Three comments:—

Dealing on to a table, even from twenty inches above, is not nearly so effective.

There is little need to worry about the difference of angle—35 degrees and horizontal— as all eyes should be directed to the cards falling on the floor.

A fairly new pack gives better results.

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