Dealing Routine

THE DEALING routine is one of the simplest of many that I have collected; it is also enough to be very effective with a lay audience.

Martin Chapender performed an effect in which "Twelve court cards in a glass changed places with twelve ordinary cards held in the hand". My friend, James Wakefield, in his book, Practical Conjuring, (Derby 1911), explained the method used by Martin Chapender, in which only one change takes place.

Dai Vernon, in his Glose-up Problems, gives his own excellent version.

This version is different from that of Dai Vernon, the effect being obtained by bottom dealing.

Patter and Presentation.

Thirteen black cards are shown to the spectators and placed face down on a table. Thirteen red cards are shown and placed face down on the black cards. Explain the position to the audience:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, you have seen that the twenty-six cards consist of thirteen black and thirteen red cards; the red cards are on the top half of the heap. Let me show you."

Show the cards by fanning the packet from the left hand to the right.

"I shall reverse the position by dealing the cards on the table'"

Turn the packet face down and deal the cards, apparently reversing their order. However, they are really dealt alternatively from the top and bottom of the pack, until all the cards have been dealt into one heap.

"The red cards are now on the bottom, and the black cards are on the top of the pack. We'll take a look and see if that is so."

Pick up the cards, show the top card and place it face-up on the table, saying "Black". Take the next card, show it as red, and place it a foot to the right of the black card, saying "Red". Deal the remaining cards in their respective heaps, calling the colour as each card is placed on the table.

Place the black cards face up on the red cards, show them to the audience saying, "It's funny how that happened. We'll try again, but this time I will keep the heaps away from each other. I'll deal the red cards on the left of the table, the black cards on the right. First the red cards (which are on the top half of the pack). One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen. Now for the black cards (counting as

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We've also been looking through some of the manuscript of the second Vernon card book, which should be on sale within a week or two of the publication of this number. The contents would seem even better than those in the first volume and of outstanding importance to all card men is the chapter on the "Riffle Shuffle" in its many aspects.


Deal the cards in this manner:—For the red cards: one from the top, two from the bottom, one from the top, two from the bottom, three from the top, three from the bottom, and lastly one from the top. The bottom dealing, is, of course, done secretly.

Before you deal the black cards, and as you say "Now for the black cards", casually turn over the heap in the right hand, showing the black card at the bottom, then deal; one from the bottom, two from the top, one from the bottom, two from the top, three from the bottom, three from the top, and the remaining card being counted "Thirteen" and placed on top of the heap. Proceed :—

"This time we have kept the cards apart; the red cards on the left. I'll take the top card in my left hand, and would ask you to keep your left eye on that card. The black cards are on my right and I will take the top card of that heap in my right hand, and ask you to keep your right eye on that card. You look rather uncomfortable doing that. I'll change them over, that will make it easier for you. Now I have the black card in my left hand and the red card in my right hand; now you look much happier. A peculiar thing has happened though. The red cards have followed this red card, and the black cards have followed the black card. Look!"

Here you place the single cards face up on the table, between yourself and the packets of cards; or place them in tumblers, goblets or houlettes. (I use two houlettes). The black card being on the left and the red card being on the right. Then pick up a card from each heap simultaneously, placing it with the card of the same colour. Do this slowly—three times.

"Let's try again". Place all the cards that have been turned up over to the opposite heap, then turn up three more cards from each heap.

"We'll try once more." Change over the upturned cards as before. This time turn over two cards.

"And again." Changing again, turn over one card.

"Once more". Change and turn over two cards.

"And again". Turning over the last card fiom each heap.

Now pick up the thirteen red cards, show them and discard; pick up the black cards and show.

The other day we had a call from Moilie Ellis of the "Stage" asking whether we would care to run again a magic column in one of the greatest of all papers relating to show business. We agreed and in consequence we shall always be glad of real news items relating to magic and/or magicians. Let's emphasise that preferably such items should be of general interest. January 23rd, 1960.

MISFORTUNE hit the"Pentagram" last year in two ways. First there was the printing strike which delayed production for a couple of months, as though that was not bad enough I had to succumb to an attack of Shingles which affected my sight for some time. This meant that the May issue came out in September and the August number in December (for some the beginning of January!) We could have stopped putting the name of a month on each issue, but we felt that if this lazy attitude were adopted we'd just never catch up. Therefore it is hoped that by getting an issue out every three weeks instead of every month, we'll get really straight by the month of May. As these words are written, the September number is being run off and the October issue has been proofed. We don't like going into a lot of explanation, but from letters we have received, we felt it necessary to say a few words regarding the cause of what, to the many, must seem unwarranted delay.

Not that we are the only magazine falling in arrears. The "New Phoenix" seems to have abandoned publication altogether, much to the regret of all those who loved a less conventional outlook on magic.

One of the joys in the past few months has been the opportunity of meeting and talking to Marvyn and Carole Roy. Such modest people with such a great and artistic act. They spoke of their friend Peter Godfrey, who, in the thirties, when he was producing and acting at the "Gate" Theatre, presented such a delightful magic show. We wonder how many of our readers remember it. The presentation was of Victorian magic, good straightforward effects, with the added attribute, possessed by so few conjurers, the ability to act. Later Peter Godfrey went to the States and into the film industry. During the War however, we believe that he took out quite a large magic show to entertain the U.S. Forces. An actor we should like to see present magic is Leonard Sachs. His supreme chairmanship at the "Players" Theatre and also in the B.B.C. T.V. "Old Time Music Hall" series show only too well that he could take the merest conjuring trifle and make it an entertaining trick.

Although thinking in Dickensian terms, one associates a Winter party with magic, the T.V. channels didn't let magic unduly worry their programmes over the Christmas holidays. The two offerings were those of Percy Press, who worked as though he was pressed for time (and no doubt he was!) and Harold Taylor. Both in afternoon shows, one felt they could have been given a longer spot in their respective programmes.

From our friend Ronald Wohl in Switzerland, we hear that there is to be a Swiss Magic Convention at Basle on the 9th, 10th and 11th September. Here's a chance to see Switzerland and some International Magic — a week to rest and then down to Hastings for the British Ring Convention. Don't forget too that there's a Convention at Bologna (Italy) starting on the 31st March and extending to the 3rd April. This will be sponsored by the Club Magico Italiano, of which that beautiful artiste, Alberto Sitta is President. If you feel like a trip to Bologna write for full details to Prof. Alberto Sitta, Via Lame, 160, Bologna, Italy. The brochure, as one may well expect, emanating as it does from what is now one of the leading artistic centres of the Western World, is truly attractive, and programme for the convention includes lectures, dealers' displays. Banquet, competitions, private shows. A gift will be given to every participant and apart from the magic, there is a sightseeing tour of this very historical city and some special entertainments for ladies. The registration is 4,000 lire. It has the added attraction of Slydini.

This year the Magic Circle changes its venue for its Annual Banquet. It will be held on 6th April (a Wednesday) at the Cafe Royal. Starting a little later than usual it will go on until 1 a.m.

A little while back we had the pleasure of spending a day with Jo and Lewis Ganson. Whilst with them, we had an opportunity of glancing at the manuscript for the forthcoming Slydini book. This should prove a 'must' for every reader of this bulletin. In it there is a record of the tricks you saw Slydini perform, all explained with the minutest detail and accompanied with a veritable galaxy of first class photographs. We understand that the selling price should be in the region of 45/-which for such an outstanding book is a most modest charge. Lewis, just as with the Vernon books, has done a wonderful job. In praising him we must once again praise Harry Stanley for taking on the task of publication. Such books are very costly productions and largely a labour of love. It is rather ironic that both Vernon and Slydini had to come to this country to be sponsored by a publisher with guts and imagination for the first man-sized books of their lives.

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