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THIS little effect should prove useful for catching unwary conjurers as well as laymen.


The cards are shuffled by anyone. The performer then takes the pack and shows the top and bottom cards. A card is selected from the middle of the pack and replaced. Again the top and bottom cards are shown unchanged.

The performer taps the pack and announces that the chosen card has moved to the top. The top card is shown, but it is the wrong card. However, the performer does not give them the chance to say that it is the wrong card, but takes the top card after tapping the pack, just shows the card and says: "And that brings the experiment to a successful conclusion." The audience then see the correct card — a moment before the wrong one — is held in the right hand.

replaced at the break—on the top card. Again make the pass, bringing the pack back to its original position, but with the chosen card now on top.


Sleights needed are : The pass, well done. Thumb counting with the left thumb. The double and treble lift. The throw down change.

The top and bottom cards of the pack are shown and noted. When showing the "top" card, make the double lift, so that it is actually the second card that is shown. Make the pass and hold the break. Have a card selected and have it

Show the "top" and bottom cards again, but this time make the treble lift when showing the top card. Tap the pack, make the double lift and show the "top" card again, (the spectator will quickly note that it is the wrong card) saying: "And here we have the selected card". Immediately make the throw change, as shown in Figures 21 and 22, saying: "Which of course brings the experiment to a successful conclusion", casually showing the card to be the correct one.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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