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bined pips on each pair total 14—K.S. backs A.D.; 8C backs 6H, and so on—which is exactly the same set-up as the commercial Brainwave Deck, except that this faces outwards instead of inwards.

Place the Joker and the blank (or two Jokers if you prefer it) back outwards at one end of the pack, and put the whole set-up back in the case, remembering which side is which. Now when you take it out of the case, you do so with the "back" (the backs of the two Jokers) towards the audience, and slightly fan these two cards so that they get the impression of seeing card backs. Believe me, this never fails to impress on them that they've seen the whole pack thoroughly, back and front, because you then turn the cards over and run through the fronts, giving them a good view of that side, card by card.

Two tips at this stage : don't make a pretty fan—remember you're not a sleight-of-hand expert this time, just a chap who happens to be able to read minds. And don't do a snappy shuffle, for the same reason. Shuffle, you should, but be a little clumsy over it, while leaving them quite sure that you've shuffled honestly—which you have, except that you've retained the two Jokers on the back (what Erdnase laughingly calls " retaining the top-stock," just in case you're an M.I.M.C).

Now shove the pack back into its case, and here comes the artful bit.

You, the mentalist, are going to take out one card, look at it, and replace it wrong way round. (Don't say " Replace the card reversed," that only confuses the customers). You pick up the case, tip cards half-way out, and hold up with the " backs " to audience. After a bit of brow-knitting, you take out the second Joker." The back of the top Joker will conceal the faces of the other cards, and leave the audience convinced that they've again seen the backs of the cards.

Holding this card facing you, back to audience, you turn the cards and case round, and slip the Joker you hold in front of the cards in the case. So that the pack now stands Joker (back outward), pack, Joker (back outward).

Now lay down cards and case on table. Ask if anyone got a clear impression of the card you looked at, and you'll get several offers. Take one only and ask what card the lady saw (it's a lady 99 times in a 100). When she tells you the name of her card, ask if anyone else saw the same card. And here you'll get a shock, in all seriousness, because you'll find that several others "saw" the same card. Peter Warlock will bear me out that this surprising thing does happen, and often at that.

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