Yogi Pupils Had Gold In Their Stomachs

"Six persons who are said to have practised Yoga to retain large quantities of sotids in their systems were arrested here for the smuggling of gold weighing 600 tolas (worth Rs. 50,000) concealed in their abdomen. The passengers arrived here recently from Goa aboard the Rohidas.

Nothing incriminating was found either on their persons or in their luggage but the way some of them walked aroused the suspicion of one of the Customs officers.

He sent the suspected men to hospital for "screening" and the gold was discovered concealed in their bodies.

Heavy gold smuggling goes on in Bombay especially from the ports of the Persian GuEf".

These "gruesome stunts", as Lenz rightly calls them are not practised in Ceylon by the Singhalese but we get to witness many Indian Fakirs and Magicians who come over here performing these.

I have not seen Sorcar's Show, but I have witnessed Cogia Pasha perform the Tongue Cutting Feat as described by Joe Stuthard in Abra of 11 th October last. I was invited on the stage as a witness. It was very dramatically and convincingly presented by him and his assistant, who did the regurgitation too, acted his part very well. His part of swallowing and disgorging a piece of goat's tongue was a simple matter. Cogia Pasha himself produces an incredible number of flags on a string from his mouth by this means at the commencement of his programme.

One of the commonest feats performed by these men is to swallow a bucketful of water, then swallow about a dozen gold fish that are swimming in as many champagne glasses brought in a tray. Then the performer brings out the fish one by one into each glass, none the worse for this experience. The act was finished by the performer blowing out the water as from a fountain—a living human fountain. The whole act was very beautifully and artistically presented at a Colombo Carnival by a handsome well developed young man of about 25 years of age. He told me he began to practice this feat when he was about 16.

I first witnessed a similar feat with solid glass marbles performed by a street magician. He did it as a climax to his "Cups and Balls". First one ball appeared between his lips then 2, 3, 4, then a whole shower of 20-30 were shot out from the mouth to overflow his large cupped hands. To conceal 600 tolas of Cold in the abdomen as these smugglers have done will be no difficult feat to these men.

Very sincerely yours, A. C. C. S. Amarasekara, P.A.C.M., I.B.M.



February 9th, 1953.

Dear Max Andrews,

Many sincere thanks for your Okito Class It arrived safe and sound last Friday morning. I have worked your effect "Removing an Appendix" by L. H. Slipper ("Magic Magazine", December, 1952), which has now become one of my pet tricks. May I also say how much I liked reading about "Dowel Dollies" which must be a favourite of many magicians.

Yours sincerely,

Raymond A. Swann,

A éPocket Trick5 Act

So far nothing has been said about "Pocket Tricks" being performed solely as an act, so I will offer one or two ideas for programmes of these. First decide upon what you are going to call your tricks. Not the names you give them when they fail to operate, but an original name which although it does not convey the effect to the mind of the audience, (you must always guard against telling them what the ultimate effect will be) will instantly describe the trick for your own especial benefit. When you have named all your pocket effects, endeavour to form a programme. A short snappy item to commence with, and then a longer and more involved affair, another short one; your longest effect; another item preferable with a good laugh; then your concluding item which should be outstanding and form a fitting climax to your programme.

Professional magicians sometimes build an act specialising in one particular class of object, say, silk handkerchiefs; cigarettes or coins. It is just as easy for the "Pocket Trick" performer to build an act solely with one type of effect, such as a Coin Act utilising many of the fine coin effects to be purchased. Coins are easy to carry, and present a natural excuse for using them. If you have to borrow coins from a spectator so much the better, as this will bring someone else into the matter and stimulate interest.

A Rope or String act could be formed from the many tricks with rope. If string is preferred the Cut and Restored effect could be worked using a pair of nail scissors, in by FREDERICK BARLOW

preference to the larger type (see also the "Stretch a Rope" effect and "Zip-over Rope")

A complete act could also be built with match tricks, and match-box tricks, and can be purchased from your magical dealer. One of the best I know is the "Rising Match-Box" This can be worked with the performer surrounded by the audience.

Various effects utilising the following articles will come to the mind and if there is no effect on the market, now is the time to invent one using the article you wish to use:

Knives, Visiting Cards, Wallet, Pencils, Watch, Rings, Rubber bands, Newspaper, Cigarettes, Cigarette Cards (consult the British Museum), Latch-key, Handkerchief, Comb, Comb-case, Nail-file, Button, Collar-stud, Shoe-lace, Safety-pin, Pencil-sharpener, Paper-clip, Pocket Ruler, India-rubber and Cigarette Lighter.

This by no means completes the list of items which it is natural to carry on one's person, although there must be discretion in all things, and unless one wishes to appear to be a second-hand junk stall or emulate the full-pocketed school-boy only a few of the above articles will be carried for each programme.

(One of the best 'buys' available in Pocket Trick magic is an outfit called "20 Tricks in a Matchbox" by that eminent magician Edward Victor. We have these in stock if required, price 10/-.)—Ed.

EDITORIAL—From Page B08.

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