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I hope you liked the scheme of things in my last article on the Magical Pitchman act. Actually a lot of the tricks are standards which are easily recognisable. However, there are many things to be considered so I feel that this article on the hows and wherefores is not teaching my grandmother to make Max Sterling eggs.

Let's just list out the actual tricks used first and then go into the modifications needed for our act.

The dye tube caper is Sucker Silk by Vampire. The Newspaper tear is KENTARE. Biting a Plate is Vampire and so is the Card Castle. The banana is a Vampire product, so is Indian Moon and Flames alight . . . monotonous isn't it? The little Flower Basket and Vest Pocket Razor Blades are . . . yes, you're right.

The Sucker Silk thing may seem a bit bare-faced. I used it in Chelsea Palace and it went well so I've no qualms about recommending it as I've tested it. You paint the fake to match the colour to which you wish to dye the silk. Put a cork in the closed end and take care to pick it up so that the end of silk is to the rear. Take the cork out of the tube and close it in your fist. Push the silk through and steal the fake. Then go into the final phase where you show the half-dyed effect and finally open your fist and express amazement at the vanish of the tube of dye. I chose Kentare as the most convincing paper tear for this particular purpose. Shaking out the paper produces the instantaneous restoration with the minimum of digital callisthenics. Biting a plate is a standard item.

___ ________ii- r_i._ _ .1 -i top and flick out the pin with the finger in arranging the silk and squeezing in the glue. Then you are all set to haul up the card castle. The Zipper banana explains itself. You have another beside it with a large cigar in it for the second stunt after the Flames Alight. The Floating Pudding is your Indian Moon painted brown with the odd touch of black and some white paint poured on the top. A sprig of holly will add a festive and authentic touch. The gimmick is taken out with the stand, which in this case is a cardboard plate built up to hold the gimmick with a couple of blobs of plasticine to hold it till required. This building up is best done in plastic wood smoothed down and painted white. Finally glue it in position. You'll have to practice getting the gimmick in your hand quickly so that you can apparently grab the hanky AFTER the ball has started to float. Afterwards people will swear the ball started to float before you ever got near it. The nailing to the bottom of the case is just faked. Hold up a six-inch nail and a hammer and bash away at the bottom of the case. Flames Alight is worked as per the normal instructions. For the first time just show the ball without lighting it. They are thrown into a i in box in the corner of the case. In the resulting consternation you close the lid halfway. You have to get the card castle down quickly, but that is easily managed if you tab-glue washers to the bottoms of the side cards. The closing of the case will throw these cards back and the free hand only has to close it against the lid. All this is the work of a moment. When the case is closed the performer fires a blank cartridge pistol inside the case by means of wiring the gun to the bottom of the box and running a fishline from the trigger to a ring outside. Pulling the ring fires the gun. This method sounds a bit Heath Robinsonish but the main fact I am concerned with is whether or not it is practical and it is. Opening the case again releases the smoke from the gun. In such a confined space it is much greater than firing a gun in the open. I've already covered the second gag with the Zipper Banana and the basket of flowers is worked in the standard

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