1. When you see somebody rolling a cigarette, gain possession of one of your tiny cigarettes, and conceal it between the top joints of the first and middle fingers of the right hand. Figure 1. Hold the pencil in the same hand.

2. Borrow a visiting card from a member of the company, and draw a caricature of him on the back. Figure 2. With the point of the pencil make a hole in the "mouth". Lay the pencil and the card on the table.

3. Obtain a cigarette paper—any brand will do—from the man who has a packet.

4. Fold the paper in two with the gummed edges outwards. See the dotted line "X-Y" in Figure 3. The paper will be one and three eighths of an inch across.

5. Using both hands for the purpose, roll the paper into a spill. Raise your right hand to your mouth, and moisten one of the gummed edges. Under cover of the fingers, let the paper slip on to your tongue.

6. Lower your hand, then—again using both hands—continue the rolling process, gradually bringing the concealed Zylonite cigarette into view. Display this between the extreme tips of the first finger and thumb of the right hand.

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