No "patter" is required for this routine, but the orchestra should play a slow waltz.

1. Casually, let it be seen that the pan is empty. Crumple up the tissue papers, and set them on fire. Let them burn for a few seconds, and then clap on the lid.

2. Please do not make the common mistake of removing the lid at once. It should always be remembered that the average audience is composed of fairly intelligent people. When a conjurer discloses the contents of the pan immediately, the spectators know perfectly well that the "production" had been concealed in the lid! Otherwise, why was it pur on? Gather up the four corners of the table cover, and fold them over the pan. With the open fan, make a "pass" over the bundle. Having closed the fan, use it to push the corners of the cloth off the pan so that they will fall into their normal position. (A few years ago, in Brussels, I saw a smart cabaret performer—whose name I do not know— envelope a dove pan in this way. I think the misdirection is good).

3. Remove the lid, and some of the confetti will overflow on to the surface of the table. Pick up the pan with the left hand, and using the fan, held in the right, "blow" the confetti our of the pan. This will take about a minute, and the showers of confetti will make a fine display, giving the effect of a (coloured) snowstorm.

4. Hold the pan upside down, "proving" that it is empty. (Of course, the interior must not be shown, and the experienced conjurer will NOT say that the pan is empty!)

5. Stop the music, and make your bow. The audience will think that the trick is over, and will give you a "hand". (Technically, this is known as "milking").

6. Place the pan on the table, gather up a little of the confetti from the surface of the table (not from the floor!), and drop it into the pan.

7. With the left forefinger and thumb, get hold of the centre of the coil, and walk

slowly across the stage. A paper ribbon will now extend from the pan to the O.P. wing.

8. Signal to the orchestra to play a "rollicking" tune, such as "Rule Britannia".

9. With the right hand, obtain the rod from the wing, and with it spin out the coil, producing a huge paper "cartwheel" as depicted in the sketch.

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