1. Take back the "apparatus" from the audience—the box with the left hand and the lid with the right—and ask for the loan of a penny or of a coin of similar size. While some spectator is removing one from his pocket, calmly reverse the box and place the lid on the bottom. Having transferred both to the right hand, hold the box between the thumb and middle finger, and let the forefinger rest on the lid. Figure 2.

2. With the left hand, take the pro-offered coin, and, moving the right forefinger to the front edge of the lid, raise it a trifle. Figure 3. Insert the coin, edgewise, under the lid, and close the box. The penny is now imprisoned between the bottom of the box and the lid, but the audience will assume that it is really inside.

above the level of the spectators' eyes as the coin is slipped in.

3. Holding the box as shown in Figure 2, move it smartly from side to side, causing the coin to knock against the edges of the lid.

Keeping the hand in motion, invite someone to call "Stop". As soon as he has done so, press down on the lid with the right forefinger. This will grip the penny between the lid and the bottom of the box, and all noise will immediately cease.

4. Tell somebody to call "Co". Release the pressure of the forefinger, and the coin will be heard again.

Repeat this a few times, but never stop the lateral movement of the hand.

5. Transfer the box to the extended fingers of the right hand, the thumb pressing on the lid. Figure 4. Approach the owner of the coin, and inquire. "WilC you recognize your penny when you see it again?" Keeping the box above the level of the spectator's eyes, remove the lid with the left fingers, and, at the same instant, quickly reverse the box with the right hand, allowing the coin to fall on to the lender's palm.

Ask "Is that your penny?" Then spread the arms apart, pass the lid to someone on your left, and the box to a member of the company seated on your right. Do not give both objects to the same spectator as he might discover that the lid fits on to the bottom of the box as well as on to the top.

Metal pillboxes without "beads" are now unobtainable, in England at any rate, but any tinsmith could make up a suitable box and lid to order, and, possibly some enterprising dealer in conjuring supplies will place the trick on the market.

For the information of American readers, I may mention that an English penny is of the same size as a silver half dollar.

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