1. Enter with the dies palmed in the left hand like a coin: flesh colour side out wards. It will curve itself into the palm at the base of the thumb. Figure 2.

The genuine ball is finger palmed in the right hand.

2. Turn left, and with the right hand (concealing the ball) pull back the left sleeve.

3. Show the left hand empty, back and front, fingers extended, but keep the hand constantly in motion.

4. Turn the back of the hand towards the spectators, and, making a "crumbling" movement with the left fingers, seize the disc by its edges. Turn the hand over (Figure 1), and let the coloured side of the disc be seen, still keeping the hand in motion.

5. With the right hand, place the finger palmed ball over the disc. Release the pressure of the left fingers, and let the disc fall (unseen) into the left hand. Without any pause, turn the left shoulder to the audience, displaying the ball on the right palm. As you do this, draw back the right sleeve with the left fingers.

6. With your left hand, remove your handkerchief from the outside breast pocket, and wipe the ball. Then replace the handkerchief together with the disc in your pocket. Simple and thoroughly practical.


When I had explained my little secret to Mr. Devant, he said that he should not have been taken in by the method as several years before (probably about 1895), he had used the same principle. He got his father, a professional artist, to paint a playing card to look like the palm of the hand.

Palming this fake along with some unprepared cards, he used to produce them from a spectator's pocket, showing his hand to be apparently empty before putting it inside the victim's coat. Figure 3.

About the time of the first Great War, the American De Land—the inventor of many mechanical tricks with cards—put a similar fake on the market. I remember that it cost a shilling, but I cannot recall the purpose for which it had been devised.

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