White Transpositiok Magic


The following routine lends itself to some scientific patter about how objects of the same colour, given the right atmosphere, will switch their shapes with one another. All the articles used are white, hence the title.

The requirements are as follows:—

1. Any Evaporated Milk Jug.

2. Two tubes, suitably decorated. These are not faked in any way, but they must be large enough to fit over and completely cover a tumbler.

3. Two tumblers. These are the type sold with Max Andrews' "Watch the Milk".

4. Two white silks.

5. Two eggs, one of which is the "Handkerchief to Egg" one.

6. The feke supplied with "Watch the


The set-up is as follows : the Evaporated Milk Jug is "filled" with milk. One of the silks is lying on the table, and the other, rolled up, is in a position from where it is easy to obtain it—likewise the hollow egg. One Tube is empty, the other contains the feke. The glasses lie beside them.

The rolled up silk is palmed. A tumbler is picked up, shown and placed in the empty tube and at the same time the palmed silk is dropped in. Then the milk is "poured in".

The second tumbler is shown and placed in the second tube, really into the feke. The egg is picked up and openly placed in the tumbler.

Now the hollow egg is palmed and the white silk is pushed into the fist (really into the egg). The egg can then be disclosed in the magician's favourite way.

All that remains is to show that the other articles have changed too. Of course, the tubes are shown to be empty.

It must be impressed on the audience what goes into which tube, so that they fully appreciate the transposition.

Finally, "EGGSPOSURE" could be used to good effect to lengthen the performance, particularly since a new, cheaper and better version in plastic appeared not so long ago.

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