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Of the many methods to produce cigarettes from the empty hand, the thumb-palm production is the most known and suitable one. What is the meaning of thumb-palming? This expression is used for the method by which the cigarette is gripped between right thumb and fleshy part of the right foref.nger (Illustration I), the back of this hand turned to the audience. By bending first and second finger of this hand, the cigarette is secured in the middle (illustration II). As soon as both fingers are extended the cigarette becomes visible (illustration III).

To let the cigarette vanish, all movements must be executed in the reverse order.

Following the described instructions carefully, many cigarettes can be produced. Performer stands with his right side directed to the audience, holding a hat in the left hand, cigarette thumb-palmed in his right hand. Now performer points into the air with stretched forefinger of the right hand, and is able to produce a cigarette in the above described manner. Cigarette is apparently dropped into the hat, whereas in fact the cigarette is thumb-palmed again under cover of the hat, and production can be repeated. After little practising the performer will find no difficulty in carrying out these sleights with his left hand as well.

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