White Magic

To end these series a very astonishing sleight is described, by means of which the hands can be exhibited on both sides empty. This sleight is easy to do and the respective moves form a splendid demonstration.

In the beginning the cigarette is concealed behind the right forefinger (clipped between tip of this finger and the ball of the hand). With the right hand back facing the audience the performer makes a rotating move over the left hand, which is held palm outwards, without trickery. Hereafter the cigarette is transferred to the left thumb-palm (illustration I seen from the back) and instantly the hand is reversed. Now the right hand is turned palm outwards (illustration II). The tips of right ring and middle finger grip the cigarette under the cover of the left hand (illustration III) and the cigarette is transferred to right thumb-palm.

Both hands are turned over simultaneously, so that left hand palm and right hand back are facing the audience now.

It is very important that the movements with the right hand (stealing the cigarette and transferring it into the right thumb-palm) must be done quickly behind the left hand. Finally the cigarette can be produced in the performer's favourite manner.


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