When They Demand To See The Back He Turns It Round

No wonder he could not find them. Porky and Rufus had slipped away during the night, and when the Farmer went to look in the Pigsty next morning, there they were inside . . . BUT WITHOUT THEIR RINGS AND RIBBONS ! ! (Photo 3).

Beautifully made apparatus., about 12 ins. wide, and Pigs 6ins. high. Lightweight. Interlocks for Packing. Showy. Full Patter included.


A Splendid Children's Effect, by JIMMY FLOWERS

Any trick that uses a figure, whether human or animal, is popular with children and adults. In offering "Ringing the Bull" I suggest that you have an all-round item on lines that will give your act novelty and permit the telling of an unusual story.

The effect is showy since it concerns a bull's head, which can be fierce-looking or amusing. On the bull's nose is a hook, and the whole idea is to get any coloured ring the audience chooses, on to the hook without having any trouble with the bull. Five differently coloured rings are shown, and one is freely decided upon by the audience. The bull is then blindfolded with a handkerchief. All the rings are picked up, and after the chosen colour has again been verified, a throwing movement is made towards the bull. A click is heard- The rings in the hand are shown. It is seen that the chosen one is missing. Upon removing the handkerchief from the bull, the chosen ring is seen hanging on the bull's nose.

Requirements: A picture of a bull's head, attached to a round ply board. At bull's nose is a hook. The back of the board has four pockets in which rest duplicate coloured rings. Eight genuine rings are required, two of each colour. Also a hollow ring (or shell) and a thick handkerchief which will reach and join at the back of the picture-board. A clicker (from Woolworths), although not essential, gives added effect. The rings should be two red, two green, two blue, two yellow, and the shell one grey. A smali grooved stand is needed to display the rings and to add to the effect.

Preparation and working: Place four of the duplicate rings in the pockets at the back of the bull picture stand. Place the stand to the right and towards the rear of the table. The ring stand should be on another table, or to the left of the bull, towards the front. The handkerchief is either in your pocket or on the table. Have the rings behind the stand.

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