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One of the first to rush for this without even seeing it was 'Doc' Fraser of Australia.

Many other well known magicians have visited our Studio to see it... frankly a little sceptical of its practicability. When they saw the apparatus they bought it at once. You too can get in early on this sensational reputation-

making effect.

Magician goes through the process of filling a pipe in mime, and he strikes a match, puts his THUMB INTO HIS MOUTH . . . AND STARTS SMOKING !

Yes, real smoke is actually seen issuing from his mouth, and he really smokes it like a pipe.

At any time performer can open his hand wide . . . yet as soon as he clenches his fist . . . HE STARTS SMOKING AGAIN ! !

Never previously offered to the Magical Fraternity.

A Real Original Classic.

Can be worked at any time in the act, regardless of the duration. Apparatus can be easily carried in one pocket.

No liquids or messy bottles or extraneous gadgets. Not similar to anything ever offered before.

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Enneagram Essentials

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