We Can Assure

that you can deal with us through the post with absolute confidence. We have been Mail Order Specialists in Tricks and Magical Apparatus since 1936 and the proof that we give satisfaction and that the apparatus is as good as we say it is, can be judged from the way this business has grown.

People sometimes tell us that they will not buy Magic unless they see it first, that they have sometimes bought rubbish through the post, but when we investigate we usually find they have bought from some itinerant advertisement, inserted by an unknown person. What you have to decide for yourself is, which dealer will give you the best goods at a fair price, and with good service. Also one who will give you a square deal if you should by any chance have cause to complain.

Obviously, as in any business, the principal does not make and pack the tricks himself, and the human element sometimes makes a mistake. We stand by the goods we offer, and anything which is not exactly as represented should be returned at once.

Enneagram Essentials

Enneagram Essentials

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