Wait and See Card Prediction

Here are a couple of old favourites of mine, using the well-known Ninth Card Force.

Hand out the pack to be well shuffled, meanwhile asking the assistant if he will kindly think of a number, between, say, ten and twenty while he is shuffling the pack. You will, on your part, think of a card, and, to give you no chance to change your mind later on, you will commit yourself by writing the name of the card down, which you proceed to do on a small pad. You tear off the slip, fold it and hand it to the spectator, before you take back the shuffled pack. Test conditions indeed.

You place the pack behind your back, asking the spectator to concentrate upon his number, and thus you will be able to place your card in the shuffled pack, in the correct position.

Bring the pack to the front, ask for the number and immediately count off the top of the pack the requisite number of cards. For the sake of illustration, let us suppose that the spectator decided upon 16. You count off sixteen cards. You point out that sixteen is composed of a one and a six, which, added together make seven.

Take up the sixteen cards and immediately start counting them back again on top of the pack, which you have just laid upon the table.

When you arrive at the seventh card, you take the next one and lay it out on the table, replacing the remainder of the cards on top of the pack.

The spectator is asked to open out the paper slip and read out what you previously wrote. The card on the table is turned over, proving to be the same card and showing that your prediction was correct.

This effect can turn out to be a stunner, especially to a brother magician, for he knows, from the manner of dealing, that you are using the old nine card force, but what puzzles him is the fact that the pack was genuinely shuffled and that you wrote your prediction before the pack was returned to you.

Really, the secret is simple. Previous to performing the effect you remove from the pack the card you are going to predict and place it in your back trouser pocket. When you get the pack back again after the shuffle, you merely count off eight cards from the top of the pack, take the concealed card and place it in the ninth position, that is, under the eight cards counted off. The card is now in a position for counting, as given in the routine.

SILKEN SMOKE.—Continued.

When the first silk is fully developed, it is disentangled from the next by merely rubbing with the thumb and fingers. The first silk is dropped on the table or floor and the production continued with the next followed by the last.

Our illustration in Fig. 12 shows how the silk is being developed between the thumb and first finger while the ball is held clamped in position under the two middle fingers. At conclusion the ball is got rid of when picking up the silks from the floor or disposed of according to the individual's own discretion.

It must be emphasised that only the right hand, or the one in which the gimmick is finger palmed before the cigarette is produced, does all the work. The other hand—left in our illustration —plays no part whatever in the actual productions.

For those who wish to lengthen the production I may suggest using diagonal shaped silks, cut from 12" squares, in which case SIX different colours could be used.

(Editor's Note. For the benefit of any who do not know of the nine card force, and there may be some in spite of its being an oldie, it always results in the ninth card from the top of the pack being chosen (?) whatever number is decided upon between 10 and 20, provided, of course, that the routine of dealing is followed. As a further instance, suppose the number 11 is chosen and you have planted the Ace of Clubs at the ninth position from the top of the pack. Count off eleven cards on to the table, reversing their position as you do so. Put down the pack and take up the cards just dealt. Explain that eleven is composed of a 'one' and a 'one', which, added together give two. You then deal off two cards back on top of the pack, place the third card out on the table, and replace on the pack the remainder of the cards. The card placed out will be the Ace of Clubs.

More than one card may be forced in this manner, by merely having the desired cards at the positions 9, 10, 11, 12, etc., from the top of the pack. After the first card has been placed out on the table and the cards replaced on the pack as described, the second card is then in the ninth position, ready to be forced, and so on down the number of planted cards. Hope Cyro will forgive me for chipping in but this seemed an opportune moment to explain the force.—Editor).

This second favourite of mine also uses the ninth card. Ask the spectator to shuffle the cards, then to cut the pack into two heaps and each heap again into two making four packets in all. He is to select what he thinks is the largest packet and place the rest of the cards in his pocket.

Tell him to count the cards he holds and he must now look at the bottom card and remember it. He is then told to deal from the top of the packet a few cards, as directed by you, finally placing the remainder of the packet on those dealt. That done, you ask him to call out the cards one by one, dealing from the top of the packet, and when he has gone through them, you tell him the name of the card he is thinking of.

The secret lies in the fact that, knowing how many cards he has in his packet, and having glanced at the bottom card (the spectator that is, not you) you direct him to deal cards on to the table, so that eventually only nine cards remain in his hand. At that point you direct him to replace the remaining cards on those dealt, and thus you know his card is the ninth. When he calls out the names of all the cards you note only the ninth one called, remember it, and then disclose it after he has finished calling.

A further effect could be obtained here, by getting another spectator to call out any number from 10 to 20. With the glanced-at card in the ninth position, you direct the spectator to deal out the cards, as explained in the first routine, and the card placed out at the chosen number (?) will be the thought of card.


Some Hotel Menus read—Meat and 2 Veg. —too right, a piece of meat and 2 peas.

Slimming ladies—wishful shrinkers.

A country farmer claims his cows sing while he is milking them—udder nonsense.

Many drunken drivers expire before their licences.

) Criminal forecast—fine today—cooler tomorow.

If your wife is an angel—you are a widower.

Put a pair of monocles together and they are apt to make a spectacle of themselves.

AG by Frank S. Cooze

I was told to bring my own liquor—so I took the cat.

The man who stole the pigs told the Magistrate that he was only stock taking—but they squealed on him.

Some Magis have no voice in the running of their home—unless it is the invoice.

I arrived at the Pearly Gates and Peter asked "How did you get here?" I said "Flu".

An Indian trainer in Hawkes Bay has been having a great trot with his horses lately, probably his success is due to the Indian Dope Trick.

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