The pack having been shuffled the performer gives half of them to a spectator to count, and counts his own at rhe same time.

Upon both counts being quoted and added together it is found they total 53. The performer looks through his cards and discovers he has the Joker which, rather shamefacedly, he discards.

We will suppose the two totals are now 23 and 29 respectively. The spectator is now asked to place his cards in a small box which he does, and the performer places a lid upon it.

The remaining cards (29) are laid in a handkerchief and the spectator is requested to pick up the four corners and hold the part pack at arm's length.

"You may not have realised it," patters the performer, "but magicians have been using the fourth dimension since ancient days. I am now going to demonstrate its use." So saying the performer makes a mystical pass over the handkerchief containing rhe 29 cards and then holds up an "invisible" card in his hand.

"In my hand, ladies and gentlemen, I hold a card—no, you cannot see it because it exists at the moment in the fourth dimension. In fact you, sir, (to spectator holding the handkerchief) did not even feel it go, did you? I will go further is.

As I can see it I It's the three of will tell you what it clubs".

The performer now asks the spectators to remember the card, and carefully lays (?) it on top of the box which he then taps smartfy.

He again makes a mystical pass and holds up a card (?), then, whilst holding it he invisibly obtains another card. He again, gives the values of the cards and asks for them to be remembered, passing them with two taps eventually into the box.

You may have found it difficult," he continues," to believe that I have removed three cards from those you are holding, so will you kindly count what you have?" This is done and instead of 29 the spectator finds he has only 26.

"Will you now remove the cards from the box—count them—and then turn up the top three cards." This is done and there are found to be 26. The top three cards are found to be the identical ones the performer said he had transferred

Being of a very condescending nature the performer pretends not to notice when the box in question is grabbed by the audience and subjected to a Sherlock Holmes scrutiny, he rescues it however before any penknives get busy.

The box has a secret, of course, it is this. The removable lid has a lip all round and in the small space inside are three cards held in place by friction, the slightest tap dislodges them. (As an alternative the cards can be held underneath by the finger as the lid is placed on).

5[p«ce cards hc^e

¿l.ternattue K aneVhö cL -V C Ar eis held trv the fhüm h

There is more subtlety in the first part however; the pack consists of 50 cards, i.e. 52 plus the Joker, equals 53, but minus the three cards concealed in the lid beforehand.

After the 50 cards have been shuffled they are slightly fanned to show they are Thoroughly mixed, the performer takes advantage of this move to discover the whereabouts of the Joker. He then gives to the spectator the half not containing the Joker

The two lors of cards are now counted, the performer waiting for the spectator to give his total first. As soon as he hears it he takes it away from 53 and pretending to finish his own counting announces his total *

When the totals are added and are found to come to 53 the performer looks through his cards and removes the Joker, usually to Continued on Page .

"Jllmost in Confidence9


LEIPZIG'S CARDS UP THE SLEEVE (Now Published fcr the First Time)


The following routine is based on an idea given to me, more years ago than I care to remember, by my old friend Nate Leipzig, undoubtedly one of the greatest card magicians and showmen who ever lived, or who ever will live.

Although more suited to a gathering of an intimate nature, the trick may be performed on the stage.

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