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Performer borrows a treasury note, the owner makes a note of the number. The borrowed note we will say is 10/-. A lady's ring is also borrowed, the ring is wrapped in the 10/- note, making a small package which is placed inside an envelope and sealed, then in the course of showing the package in outline with the aid of a lighted match the envelope catches fire. The performer looks dismayed, tries in vain to put out the burning envelope, and finally drops same into a metal dish, a large flame results, and performer is obliged to place a lid on the dish, a pause, and looks of apology to the lady and gent who loaned the note and ring. The dish lid is removed, and two live doves are seen, dish and lid placed on table, one dove lifted out, and attention drawn to a little bundle on one leg hanging on a piece of red ribbon, the bundle and ribbon removed, dove placed on stand, and small bundle on a tray. Second dove removed, and a ring is seen hanging from a piece of ribbon, removed, and placed on tray. Ribbon is then removed from No. 1

bundle which upon being unfolded proves to be a note, and the number corresponds with the borrowed note, note returned to tray, ribbon removed from ring, ring and note returned, and ownership established.

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