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Magicians who like something to happen by itself will revel in this new opening effect.

Performer takes a black silk with a white corner, and winding it between his two hands, proceeds to stretch it.

Then holding it by one end, with the white tip hanging downwards, he waves his arm round and round at full length.

RIGHT BEFORE THEM . . . WITHOUT A MOVE OF ANY SORT, THE SILK TRANSFORMS INTO A CANE. Yes, the ordinary solid cane in black with white knob that goes with evening dress outfit.

It's really fascinating . . . and no one can say exactly when the fantastic transformation takes place.

We have made up specially NEW apparatus for this, and we know you will love it.

Complete and ready to work at once.

price 45/.

Martini of Preston:—

"1 must say I consider this Catalogue the finest ever produced, and its hundreds of first class effects are so interesting, one never gets tired of looking at it. It is extremely well compiled and as a magical book, is fit for any magician's library. Good luck with it".

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