Victor Farelli

P.S.—The fund will not be closed for another few months.—V.F.

Bradford, Yorks.

Dear Max,

I enclose subscription for next year's supply of "Magic Magazine".

I have obtained many valuable ideas from past copies, and many of your effects when in London.

Unfortunately, I have never managed to choose a time when you were "at home", so I have not had the pleasure of meeting you personally, but I look forward to this in the future.

It may be of interest to you to know that I use your "Floating Skull" in full Sighting since I bought it in August. I use a fine nylon fishing line (3 lb. breaking strain) which is invisible against any but a black, or navy, background and I enclose a completely untouched photo to prove it.

Many repeat engagements have been secured on the strength of this item alone, which I think speaks weN for its "Audience Appeal".

Sincerely yours,

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