Ventriloquial Dolls

In offering these Vent Dolls to the magical fraternity, I feel I am really doing a good service. We have been selling them for some time now, and all our customers have nothing but praise for this really handsome range.

A number of eminent people in the magic world can be numbered among the users.

The faces of the range are all of the same outstanding quality. Beautifully moulded and matt finished, with a fine degree of accuracy that is almost uncanny !

Ah' the mouth movements are of the latest FLEXIBLE KID type and no join of any kind at all is perceptible. MODEL A. Small Head.

With handle, moving mouth and balanced eye movements, needing no separate control.

Price 90/-

MODEL B. Large Head (Lifesize)

Exactly as Model A. above.

Price 130/-


These are built in to order only. If you want controlled eyes, this counts as one extra movement. R. or L. Wink, Moving Top Lip (Smile), Smoking, Spitting, Crying, Flapping Ears or Raising Hair.

These movements and the price is the same for either sized head.

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