Vanishing P

This prop may be used in such effects as Magic Painting, or merely as a trick on its very own.

Buy one of those children's Paint Boxes, cost about 6/- ! ! ! This will break your heart, but. in any case, remove all the little blocks of paints, leaving you with an empty tray. Next visit your ironmonger or a tinsmith and get him to cut you a piece of tin the same size as the tray. Paint this in little squares, and in all colours to represent the full tray of paints so that, when in place, the tin sheet will resemble the full box.

Attach two small magnets to the inside of the lid. You will find this can be done quite easily, as most lids have about six concave partitions.

attention to the acting side and the presentation. 1 suppose that the same can be said of serious conjuring, but I cannot bring myself to think that the degrees are the same.

As an illustration of what I mean, allow me to quote the instance of the acrobatic acts one sees on the halls. The straight acrobats certainly perform some marvellous feats but I always contend that the comedy-acrobat is the cleverer of the two, and I really believe that his is the harder job. A comedy ice-skater once assured me that it is a hundred times more difficult to pretend to stagger and fall on the ice than it is to actually slip. He spent hours and hours practising in order to get the laughs but what he did was definitely much more difficult than the straight skating.

So, please don't imagine that Comedy Magic Is easy. It needs just as much rehearsal as the straight stuff, if not more, and only when vast experience lies behind one can one even consider extemporising and adding little impromptus. Chose the effects you need, garner "your act, and practise, practise, practise.

Finally, if YOU have any ideas on Comedy Mag c. do please let us know about them. We shall be delighted to share them with our readers, if you will only share them with us.

Yours magically.

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