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the outer band and opens the folder the folded nore will stare at him through the window. Ask him to take it out and verify it. As soon as he removes the note you take the folder from him. Behave as though you want to make sure that you do not lose ir. Place folder in your trouser pocket and on the way out palm out the folded note. This is just a natural form of misdirection. All eyes are on the owner as he proceeds to unfold the note.

The reason for the rubber bands will now become apparent. This gives you time to place the folder in pocket and get hold of the original note. When the owner removes the rubber bands . . . you stretch out your lefr hand and ask him for the note. After all the man who made the identification the one to VERIFY. Hold the folded note just recovered from the folder in the left between thumb and finger tips. Bring both hands together. The thumb of the right merely pushes the visible nore into the left behind the latfer's fingers and in continuation of the same move turns its own palm to view exposing the original hidden note. Try this move out a couple of times in front of the mirror and see how realistic it looks.

There is not much to explain now. The original marked note is handed out for verification and the owner asked to collect it from the party on the way back to his seat.

A famous and truly wonderful trick. You hand a pack of cards to anyone to be shuffled and then you split the pack and put half in each trouser's pocket. Immediately your friends can call the name of any card in the pack—and YOU INSTANTLY PRODUCE THAT SAME CARD FROM YOUR POCKET.

Others follow in quick succession, to the complete amazement of the onlookers. Seems like sleight of hand but is quite mechanical and easy with the apparatus we supply. YOU CAN PRODUCE THE FOUR ACES OF A WINNING HAND OF NAP OR POKER.

Very Entertaining

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This effect is brilliantly featured by KARDOMA, the famous Music Hall Illusionist.


A Topical Effect "SMOG"


The audience assists the performer to spell the words "FOG" and "SMOKE". The lettered cards are then found, reversed, placed back in the fan, and then removed and placed on a stand; on turning the cards round the four centre ones spell "SMOG", the other four being blank.

REQUIREMENTS.—Twenty four lettered cards (on blank, and double blank cards), as shown below.

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