cut and restored handkerchief

With a pair of scissors, a piece is cut out of a borrowed handkerchief and burnt, but hank is returned to owner undamaged. Gasps of amazement follow this effect. Can be repeated, even a boy can do it at once. Very easy.



After a wonderful tour through no less than three Continents, The Kalanag Magical Musical Revue is paying a return visit to Britain, commencing at Bristol. Most of our readers will have already met Kalanag, over the footlights, and now it is our pleasure to introduce him personally, through the pages of "Magic Magazine".

Kalanag himself, bespectacled, genial and in appearance more like a business man than a man of mystery, was first bitten by the Magic Bug, when, at the age of seven, he was lying in bed seriously ill.

Somebody gave him a book on magic. He read it, became enthralled and looked at nothing else throughout his illness. There and then, he says, he fell completely under the spell of Magic. He read and re-read the book many times and when he was well again he began to practise some of the tricks which the book described specially for beginners.

He found the tricks fairly easy and went to try more complicated ones. So engrossed did he become in the subject of Magic, that all his reading was devoted to such books, and all his pocket money went on magical equipment. BUT, he kept the whole matter secret from his parents.

His practising was done in front of a mirror in his mother's bedroom, and while his school friends were out and about playing games, the future Kalanag was working hard on new mysteries and reading new books on wizardry.

As is to be expected, his parents eventually discovered his secret and their re-action was as unfavourable as he had expected it would be. The secret was out when, departing on holiday, a trunk disgorged on the station platform a varied assortment of clothes and belongings. Kalanag had converted it into a trick trunk. "On that occasion", he says, with a twinkle from behind the spectacles, "Not I, but my father, used a wand. And it was not a Magic Wand either!!"

A then famous illusionist, "Chevalier" Ernest Thorn came to Kalanag's home town. Up to now, the boy had not had any single word of advice or help, and when he knew that the famous man was visiting his town, he was in a complete whirl of excitement; but his parents refused to let him visit the show. Yet he went! He broke open his savings-box. climbed out of the window and went off to the theatre.

He saw the illusionist and was in the seventh heaven of delight. When his parents found out (Continued on Page 313.)






by Eddie Joseph Page 315


ROPES" Page 319


by Peter A. McDonald Page 322

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