' pitcher

With the release of Abbott's MIRACLE PITCHER, we give to the Magic fraternity at large not only an entirely new principle in Liquid Magic, but a piece of apparatus that you will admire and marvel at.

Here is what the pitcher will do. You pour milk into a paper cone—paper is opened—milk has vanished.

You say you already have milk pitcher. All right read on, and we feel sure that you will throw your old pitcher away.

Vampire Miracle Pitcher is made of all clear transparent perspex—unbreakable—practically indestructible. Height : approximately 7 inches; diameter : 4 inches; capacity : 2 pints.

INSIST ON GETTING A VAMPIRE MADE PITCHER ! It cannot get crushed as it is in ONE EIGHTH SOLID CLEAR PERSPEX. Smooth and beautifully finished as glass.

Pour milk into paper cone, etc., to give to spectator to hold—cover pitcher with silk or cloth and give to second spectator to hold—open paper—MILK HAS VANISHED—uncover pitcher—PITCHER IS NOW FILLED WITH MILK—and with a second's hesitation you can repeat the same effect.

The uncanny working of this marvel of Magic will fascínale you to such an extent that we know you will empty and refill pitcher a dozen times in as many seconds to figure out how it works.

Here ij precision made apparatus, beautiful to look at. Our foremost thought—we want you to have a MIRACLE PITCHER at once—to enjoy it—to thrill at its working—to thrill at its performance before an audience.

MIRACLE PITCHER has the following features: You never fill ii; you never clean it; no preparation; always ready to work; in a fraction of a second pitcher becomes filled. At the finish of your act, toss it just as it is into your subcase. The milk never leaves the pitcher. No fuss—no bother—no get-ready—no clean-up.

ALWAYS READY—and another feature—you don't pour milk from the pitcher slowly; you pour in a natural and easy manner. There's nothing to worry about—MILK CAN'T SPILL.

Can be done anywhere—surrounded or within a few feet of spectators. The most realistic pitcher ever made for Magic. Its possibilities are limitless.


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