vampire "fANTO - SILKS"

This is a delightful effect, and one that can easily be worked in combination with other tricks. The general effect is this:—

Performer has a white silk in his breast pocket. He opens his fan which is GREEN, and fans the silk. Then he whips the silk out of his pocket . . . but its place is taken by a GREEN SILK. Reclosing the fan he points to the green silk, but on opening his fan again he is surprised to find it has now changed to YELLOW. He fans the packet, pulls out the green silk, whereupon a YELLOW SILK takes its place !

By now he is very perplexed and repeats the above moves, but on opening out his fan ... it is now RED, and this is followed by a RED SILK.

This is too much, he hurriedly tries once more but now the Fan is BLUE ... and the SILK IS BLUE to match.

Putting the fan down in dismay ... he whips away the BLUE SILK ... but is relieved to find that the silk left in his pocket is now WHITE, AS AT FIRST !

Perfect for Children's Shows, Concerts, Cabaret or Stage.

COMPLETELY MECHANICAL AND SELF-WORKING. No Gimmicks, palming,, moves or threads.

PRICE (including Silks) 35/. PRICE (Fan only) 20/-


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