A real sensation. Anything more impossible would be hard to find. An ordinary or borrowed deck is shuffled by a spectator and Any Card Quite Freely chosen and returned. A little houlette of the usual type is shown and the deck slipped into it.

The magician commences to pull the cards out of the houlette and throw them on the table face upwards —so that it can be seen they are all different! When any spectator calls STOP—THAT CARD PROVES TO BE THE ONE SELECTED !

Please note:—No duplicate cards are used. No gimmicks or fekes. No hair, wire or threads. Everything examined. No switches. A NEW KILLER-DILLER THAT WILL THRILL YOU. Get it now whilst still exclusive.

PRICE 12/6

MAX ANDREWS (Vampire) LTD., 1


Enneagram Essentials

Enneagram Essentials

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