A Complete Act with a pack of cards. You can name bottom card on three heaps cut by spectator with shuffled deck, name any card stopped at when riffling, cause an Ace to appear only on the bottom of one heap chosen from several, and predict in writing beforehand a card freely touched by spectator from a spread out deck! A full pack and no duplicates. Mechanical and easy. Nothing to memorise.

PRICE 12/6


Testimonials have been coming in by every post, and we are delighted to have been the cause of such a Magical Sensation.

Everyone who has ordered a Catalogue has not received it ... at the time of writing. This we freely admit, and in the same breath apologise for. It is not exactly our fault, for we were not to know that the superb spiral binding that we were determined to incorporate was such a slow business. In point of fact they produced only about 200 a week for the first few weeks, and we have had the cartons in which they are mailed, sitting here addressed and waiting . . . for the next batch of Catalogues to arrive !

By the time you read this I confidently anticipate that this condition will have been remedied.

George Armstrong of the Magic Wand wrote:—

"Really must congratulate you on the wonderful Catalogue, which is certainly the finest produced in this country to date. Trust it brings you the business it deserves".

Bill Stick^and, Hon. Sec. of the British Ring, I.B.M.:—

"I congratulate you on the splendid Catalogue with its most useful index, covering every type of Magic and Kindred Arts. It should be in the library of every practicing magician and I hope your enterprise will bring you the results you richly deserve".

Robert Harbin — International Wizard wrote:—

"I have in my collection an incredible number of Catalogues, but I am sure thai: your worst enemy could not but admit that you have produced something quite superb".

W. Soper, Advertising Manager, Magic Circie:—

"I must say your New Catalogue is really a wonderful job and you all deserve the highest marks. I do hope the effort will bring the reward it deserves '.

Oscar Paulson, President British Ring, I.B.M.:—

"I have had Catalogues from Conrade of Berlin, Bartl of Hamburg and all the British and American dealers, but I would say that this delightful Catalogue of yours is the Catalogue of the Century. Ultra modern in design, it is beautifully produced and printed, usefully indexed, and it contains material for every specie of the magicus enthusiastum".

N. J. S. Clark, the Magician's Mecca. Birmingham:—

"What a Magnificent Publication ! Here's to the Sales, which we sincerely trust will result from it; and to which we will be doing all we can".

Martini of Preston:—

"I must say I consider this Cata'ogue the finest ever produced, and its hundreds of first class effects are so interesting, one never gets tired of looking at it. It ¡s extremely well compiled and as a magical book, is fit for any magician's library. Good luck with it".

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