with floor. The cigar wilf still be adhering to your fingers.

You explain at this point that as soon as a non-magnetic person touches your wrist the power is destroyed. Ask some person to touch your wrist. The moment he contacts your hand—the cigar drops. This is simply done by pushing out ever so lightly with the 1st and 4th fingers which dislodges the cigar. It is this little difference in technique that makes all the difference in the effect. This is sufficient way of convincing that your fingers are not prepared with any adhesive.

This is the whole idea of the "Human Magnet". Instead of preparing ail four fingers onfy the two middle ones are treated Borrowed articles such as cigarettes, visiting cards, coins and notes may be used to illustrate your prowess as the MAN OF ATTRACTION.

You will find that at times you will be offered heavier articles. You can easily pass these by explaining that there is a fimit in reserve of this magnetic influence in the human system. It may be possible to attract even such a heavy article (whatever it happens to be) but you need some reserve for the rest of the demonstration and it is well that you do not exhaust the supply now.

One charge of the fluid will last a long time but if you ever feef it weakening just (Continued on Page 256)

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