Two Sheets


This is just an idea; I haven't tried it out in performance, but it should be a simple matter to do. Get a length of rope, about a couple of feet or so, and jazz-dye it, or just use ordinary water colours so that it has a rainbow appearance, each colour blending into the next and each occupying a few inches of the length. Get also a white piece of rope of the same length, and a third piece, about 6 inches long. You will have to fit gimmicks to the ends as the drawing of Fig. 1 indicates, so that the short piece can connect either to the plain length or the jazzed piece.

Now coil the jazzed length up between two sheets of newspaper, leaving just a very short end protruding (gimmick end) as in Fig. 2, and you are ready.

The idea is that you make a cone, bag or what you will out of the newspaper, and then lower carefully into it the white length, the extra piece being attached to the end that goes to last. Once the rope is inside, and when the last few inches of the short piece are still showing above the top, the piece is switched across to the jazzed piece, and this is finally hauled back into view, the dyeing having taken place. The point is that the end of the rope is never out of sight, and the switch across the gimmicks can probably take place under the pretence of stirring the rope in the "fluid". As I say, I haven't worked out any precise moves, but it strikes me that the idea can be used after a bit of thought. The white length remaining in the cone can be screwed up inside the paper and tossed aside.

Another angle could be built around the Absorbing News trick. A small amount of various coloured liquids could be poured from several small tumblers into the Absorbing News fake, which paper then forms the "dye bag". The vanish of the liquids and the appearance of the dyed rope would then extend the effect considerably. Give it a thought.

To end the Omnibus, Peter A. McDonald, in the Fourth of his "Skull Shaker" Series, gives the results of his "Fooling About".

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