Two Handed Lightning Production Of A Silk

Conceal a silk square in the TIP and wear it on the right thumb. Here is a bit of advice 1 offer in this matter. Before placing the tip on the thumb just moisten the latter with saliva. You will find that this will temporarily deaden the springiness in the silk and there will be less chance for the tip to slip off the thumb prematurely, especially when you use the maximum size silk square.

Stand facing the spectators. Reach out with the left hand and say 'I will grab a little oxygen'. As you move out with the hand, close fingers into a loose fist as though you have something there. Now reach forward with the right hand as shown in Figure 1. Observe how the thumb points directly in front. As your hand plunges forward your bring the finger tips together, and close in over the thumb as shown in Figure 2. This is the sort of thing you would do were you in reality snatching something suddenly in flight. However, with this

plunge you remark "and a little nitrogen". From the position depicted in Figure 2, the right hand now moves towards the left fist, and allows the tips of thumb and first finger to enter slightly. The left fingers close over the thumb tip and the right

hand moves up at once with the outer corner of the silk. Figure 3 illustrates the silk in course of production.

The main point 1 wish to stress is that from the time the right hand plunges forward until the silk is pulled out of the left fist, there should be no break whatever in your continuity of action. This sudden appearance of the silk makes the produc tion seem really fascinating.

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