Two Fair Ladies


Without sleight of hand, without palming and using a borrowed deck of cards (Jumbo cards for the platform magician) a clear cut transit effect is achieved which leaves nothing to indicate the "modus operandi".

From a borrowed pack of cards, ribbon-spread on the magician's table, two spectators are invited to select one card each. It is a perfectly free choice subject to only one stipulation : 'should either of the spectators select the Queen of Hearts or the Queen of Diamonds, a fresh selection should be made'. "This", the magician explains, "is because I will need the two red queens later in the programme!"

Two Cards having been selected each spectator is invited to print his name across the face of his card, "In big bold letters . . . and the bigger the better!" The spectators replace their cards and shuffle the pack at will.

The magician explains that he will now introduce everybody to the Queen of Hearts, and the Queen of Diamonds. Whilst pattering on the untold merits, and of course the respectability of these "Fair Ladies", the magician takes the pack of cards and quickly scans the faces. lie removes one card and places it face down on the table, towards the edge nearest himself. A second card is removed, in like manner, and placed on top of the first. The pack is then handed back to the spectators.

Returning to the table the magician displays the two cards which he removed from the pack. They are seen to be the two red queens. Each queen is stood against a tumbler on the table— facing the audience.

On reversing the queens, and at the word of command they are found to have changed into the cards originally selected by the spectators ! The two cards are identified by the names printed across their faces !

But what about the two red queens? On examination they are found to have returned to the pack, held by the spectators throughout the entire effect! !


A queen of hearts and a queen of diamonds from any pack of cards. A small square of material to match your table cloth, and large enough to cover the backs of both queens.

Alternatively : A small stand covered in black cloth and two red queens, the backs of which are covered with the same material.


Assuming that your table cloth is of black material (and that you do not wish to use the small stand referred to in para 2 of "Requirements") take a queen of hearts and a queen of diamonds and coat the backs of the two cards with a surface glue. Take a square of material, which matches your table cloth, and spread it on a table. Smooth the material perfectly free of creases with your hands. Take one of the queens face up, the glue being on its reverse side, and lay it gently face up on the material. Proceed in exactly the same way with the second queen, and leave the cards to dry. After drying trim carefully around the edges of the cards with a sharp pair of scissors, taking care to leave no fraying edges of cloth protruding over the sides of the two cards.

Note : The best results are obtained by using black material on the backs of the cards and using a black table cloth. This dark material avoids tell-tale shadows on the table itself, during the performance of the trick. However, in all cases make sure that your table has the light in front, thus any small shadows cast from the two cards face down on the table, will be thrown backward, i.e. away from the audience.


Proceed exactly as described in the "Effect" up to and including paragraph 4 . However when scanning the faces of the cards do not remove the Queen of Hearts, or the Queen of Diamonds. Instead quickly locate the first chosen card, you will easily identify it by the large printed name across its face. Remove that card and lay it face down on the table ... on top of the two faked cards already on the table. (What appears to be a single card to the audience is in fact a pile of three cards). Proceed in the same manner with the second chosen card and hand the pack to the spectators.

Approaching your table hold your L.H. below its edge and with the R.H. slide the four cards into the waiting left hand, keeping them square. You are now holding four cards in your L.H., the audience believe them to be only two in number.

Take the stack of four cards between the thumb and fingers of the R.H. (keeping them square). Display the face card by raising the R.H. Now, keeping the R.H. perfectly motionless let the L.H. approach it and slide away the face card, thus revealing the second queen. Place the first card against an empty tumbler or other object on your table. Place the stack of three cards in the R.H. against a second tumbler, ensuring that they appear to be one card only.

Both queens are facing the spectators.

To effect a change simply take the queen (the single card) and place it over the stack of three cards. Pick up all the cards and reverse them, thus showing the backs of the selected cards.

Take the cards into the R.H. and lower this hand until the heel of the hand is resting on the table and the faces of the cards held in close proximity. parallel, to the table top.

With the left finger and thumb take away the top card and place it once more against the tumbler. At the same moment allow the lower two cards in the R.H. to fall onto the table, i.e. the two queens.

Place the remaining card against the second tumbler and the trick is ready for its climax.

Turning the two cards round to face to audience they will be found to be the two selected cards, complete with printed names. The two queens of course are still in the pack and have been throughout the experiment.

Note :—If your table cloth is not of black material you can easily construct a small stand. The same principle is employed and the working of the trick is practically the same.

(NOTE.—It won't be long to Christmas ! Are yo u getting your Children's Programme ready ? Here is another worth while effect from Jimmy Flowers).

5Jh& dueea'd Camfr


The performer introduces a Golden Envelope, which rests upon a stand. As the story is told, the performer takes from the envelope, six dressing combs, all of a different colour, and these are placed on display on the stand.

A child helper is now asked to become the Queen, for the performer is anxious to find out the Queen's favourite comb, because, he says, it is very valuable and possesses magical properties. The child is asked to study the combs and then write down the colour o£ the one she has chosen. While doing this, she wears a magic regalia on her head, and after writing the colour down she is told to fold the paper so that no one can see it.

One by one the combs are then taken and dropped into a cloth bag, which is given to the child to hold. The Golden Envelope is now shown fr FRONT

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