Two Ez Sleights


Colour Changing Ball: Display white ball between right thumb and first finger tips, performer actually facing left to the audience. Right hand shown empty except for the ball. Turn to left and show left hand empty. Drop ball in left palm close fingers over it and turn hand over, back to audience. On hand being turned again and opened display red ball instead.

The how: Red ball finger palmed in left hand, first finger points to ball between right finger tips. Turn to left and transfer red ball to right finger grip position. Drop white ball (apparently) in the outstretched left palm, but as you pretend to do so drop palmed red and palm white ball. Moves must be done somewhat rapidly, so if done correctly the illusion is complete. Open left hand and display red ball. Do the change over palm again and finally dispose of the white ball.

THIMBLE TO BALL: This is a similar sleight "with a plus" ... the effect being as follows. Display white thimble on right first finger tip, palm of same hand towards audience. Show right hand empty except for the capped white thimble. Performer faces left side and first left finger points to the right hand.

Turn to left and show both front and back of left hand to be empty.

Drop thimble in left palm after which fingers close upon it. A moment after open hand again and display white ball between first and second left fingers.

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