Two Coins Acro

Effect. Two coins are borrowed and marked. The performer places a small whisky glass upright on his palm and inverts over it a norma! sized tumbler. The coins are passed from the performer's right hand, one by one to appear in the whisky glass in the left hand! The coins are examined and returned to the owner.

Requirements. A small whisky glass. A tumbler with a small slit in it, near to the base. The tumbler should be ffuted if possible.

Modus Operandi. The borrowed coins are laid on the table in front of the performer. In his right hand he has a duplicate coin palmed. Picking up one of the coins in his right hand, he changes it for the palmed one by clipping the marked coin in the right first and second fingers and dropping the palmed coin on the left hand. The substitute coin is placed down on the table and at the same time the marked coin is transferred to the thumb- palm position.

The tumbler is picked up in the left hand and then transferred to the right so that the marked coin is inserted part way into the slit in the tumbler. The left hand takes up the wand, taps the glass alf round and replaces the wand, and then takes up the whisky tot and turning the hand palm up, allows the tot to rest there. The right hand then covers the whisky glass with the tumbler, keeping the coin half in the slit, to the rear.


The right takes up the second marked coin from the table, apparently throws it across to the glasses, actually thumb palming it as with the first marked coin. At the same time the glasses on the left palm are slightly canted, causing the coin in the slit to fall inside and into the whisky tot. The inverted giass is removed from the whisky tot, at the same time the second coin (thumb palmed) is introduced into the slot. Having shown the first coin to have arrived in the whisky tot, the tumbler is replaced and the remaining coin (your substitute) picked up from the table.

The same procedure is gone through, a second coin being heard to arrive in the smaller glass. The inverted tumbler is removed and the whisky tot inverted on to the palm of the owner of the coins, where they can be examined. The extra coin is got rid of at a suitable moment.


-ft- — ___n_


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