double loop when in truth by simply moving the hand towards the right you will automatically accomplish the result indicated in Fig 2 and 3. The double loop (?) will slide neatly off the wrist creating the illusion penetration. However, before completing the effect be sure to let the audience see that the loops are around your wrist otherwise it would seem that you slipped it over your finger tips.

Bear in mind to execute the movements shown in fig 2 and 3 very smoothly and only at the last moment when the loop is nearly loose should it be withdrawn with a slight tug from the wrist. It is important for the sake of misdirection that loop 'A' is maintained as long as possible and that is why it is recommended that the right hand should grip the rope as close to the left as possible.

NOTE.—In actual operation as already explained the right should grip rope directly under the left but for purposes of explanation Fig 1A shows the right hand lower than il should be.

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